KING - 20 full weeks of e-mini futures trading results

We are talking about 20 full weeks of e-mini trading results in 2013 alone. And not in the last five years. The results are due to KING, a popular e-mini futures day trading course based on the trading methodology of the same name that I offer on this site for a mere pittance of $1200 or so at this point. Yes, it's not much at all, considering what KING can deliver.

That is a minor milestone in it own right on top of the recent 500th daily e-mini trading report posted in the very same trading results section as the 20th full week this year.

I reached this milestone on October 14th, 2013 on the 124th day of e-mini trading results reported this year. The report posted that day featured a screenshot you can also see below.

emini trading results #527

While this screenshot is hardly very impressive (it shows only one trade), I did produce a few more as you can see in my Twitter feed from that day. The embedded Twitter post that you see below shows my last trading update that day, so it was a pretty active day after all, though I was afraid that it might not be. As I mentioned in my daily report that day "I have been plagued by some intestinal problems over the last year or so and whenever they return (after a break that usually does not last more than a few days), I may trade less once I have met my profit target," but fortunately these problems are not always as bad as they may seem, but they can sometimes interfere with my trading. That also explains why at times I say on Twitter that this could be my last post today. It's because of that too, though there can be some other reasons for it from time to time as well.

But the good (if not great) thing about day trading e-mini futures is that you can do it at home on your own terms whenever it suits you and it usually does not take longer than a few hours a day, so unless you are really ill, it's almost impossible not to make a living this way. Of course, you need to train yourself first, so you may want to give KING a chance.

Posted on October 19th, 2013.