KING - How to spoil a perfectly good 24

Well, here is how.

By taking yet another trade, that is, if you have not figured it out from the image above, which makes the number of trades equal 25. What's wrong about 25, though? Nothing really, unless you are bit of a "numerologist" as I happen to be. Or rather, a guy who digs numbers. Number 24 is one of those numbers that have some neat properties, and not all natural numbers have such. Not all numbers are prime numbers, for instance, and being a prime number makes a number stand out. That cannot be said of either 24 or 25.

But 24 is still more special than 25 for it is one of the abundant numbers. I like those. 12 is the smallest of them and every number that is a multiple of 6 or 10 is an abundant number too. The abundant number is a natural number that is smaller than the sum of its proper divisors. As can easily be seen, 1+2+3+4+6 (the sum of the natural numbers that divide 12 and are less than 12, which makes them the proper divisors of 12) is greater than 12 and that's what makes 12 an abundant number. No number smaller than 12 has this property as you can easily check by simple addition. I talked about abundant numbers in this blog post, but 24 is another good occasion for that. You can easily see that 1+2+3+4+6+8+12 exceeds 24 by 12.

Obviously, it's not every day that you can take 24 or 25 trades a day even with KING, which is a perfect tool for frequent scalping. For that you need a reasonably volatile market. But good days like that do happen. Here I talk about yet another such a great day with 28 trades taken and there was another good mathematical reason why I have chosen 28 trades. There is some hidden symbolism in it. Well, not so hidden if you know a bit about some neat mathematical property of 28 that it shares with 6 and is somewhat, in spirit, at least, related to the property of abundance mentioned here.

And then there is 30 as in 30/30, that I talk about in this blog post. Well 30 is very much like 12 or 24, for it is also an abundant number, and boy, wasn't that an abundant day? I may revisit it in one of my future articles.

While 25 is no such special number, it's still nothing to sneeze about especially on a day with only one loss. But for a "numerologist" 25 is a bit like a "ruined" 24. And, obviously, I (largely) mean it in jest.

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Posted on September 1st, 2013.