KING - Is it dumb luck?

I don't think so ...

But first allow me to say what I mean by the title of this piece.

I recently received an e-mail from yet another KING student. He was totally new to day trading e-mini futures, and yet on his very first day of trading them in a simulator mode he managed to collect over 50 ticks, which translates into over $200.

Not bad at all for someone with his trading experience in this particular field.

And yet he was rather inclined to attribute this to dumb luck.

I disagreed with him (see a piece of my e-mail reply) simply because he would not be the very first newbie who did well with KING right from the very start. In fact, quite a few of them did well and some even spectacularly well. See the testimonials section for that, especially the opinions of those who participated in the first KING mentoring session, the very original KING students. What's even more important, they were able to parlay their simulated trading success into actual trading success.

Of course, I am always the first to add that not everyone was that successful, but that is to be understood. Your mileage, as they like to say on the interwebs, can vary. Still, I am confident that you can expect to do better rather than worse with KING provided you don't give up too early. And it's not that hard to give up, particularly if you start your trading practice when the market is congested and so not that easy to trade. But days like that are often followed by good days, something to keep in mind.

I would also like to remind you that it's of paramount importance to remain upbeat about your trading success, or any success, for that matter, and avoid any negative thoughts, even borderline negative. Confidence and action are keys to success, not only at trading e-mini futures, but in many other endavours.

Posted on October 21st, 2015.