KING - E-mini trading for the people of Earth - At last! (*)

"Ignorance is Strength" (**)
George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Ch. 1, slogan of the Party (1949)

"If you know people who do things exceptionally well, whether it be in writing, athletics, music, science or anything else, you know that one of the main reasons that they do it so well is that they do it all the time - it's a passion with them. They like what they're doing and don't want to be interrupted." (***)
Ira Pilgrim, Education for Mediocrity (1991)

Here's how good you can be with KING ...

People of Earth
(including those shady reptilian characters and David Icke's fans):
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It's not how much money you can make a day, but how consistent you are that matters most. Our students can go on without a losing trade many days on end. Seriously. Meet KING. This guy delivers.

While we can't promise you anything (like one point a day) because promises are for suckers and we don't think you are one of them (not to mention that it is simply against the US regulations to make promises like that) and while we also can't offer you that bogus "twice your money back guarantee" because only dumb people buy into it (ever heard of Apple offering that?) and we don't think you are one of them either, we can and do, however, provide plenty of solid evidence that our trading ideas work so you can make up your mind whether you want to follow in the footsteps of many of our successful traders or not. We trust and respect your intelligence and so the only promise we can make and keep is not to insult it with tall tales of emini trading secrets. If there is any secret in this field, it is this: all a trading mentor can do is give you his best trading ideas, but you still will have to spend some time to own them. Yes, they never tell you that, do they? That's because unlike empty promises and bogus guarantees, it sells nothing! Sorry, but contrary to what you might have been told on some other websites that profess to "teach" e-mini trading, there are no magic potions let alone magic indicators that would turn you into a winning e-mini trader in 24 hours without frying your brain at the same time. Choose your risks wisely is what we suggest instead.

Trading e-mini futures is just another business and it should be treated as such. Every business involves risks and no business worth pursuing comes with a guarantee of success. Which is exactly why no one with the exception of shady marketers masquerading as trading gurus can promise or guarantee you anything. Forget those pitiful bozos! There is a way to make it in this business and it's not theirs. It is your way! Your way that is based on preparation, your way that is based on practice, your way that is based on solid ideas that have been proven to work and whose performance is documented not just with a sleek video or two but with hundreds if not thousands of trades taken in real time trading. That's your way or at least it should be your way if you want to succeed in this challenging yet extremely rewarding business. And that's the way that KING offers. Yes, emini trading can be the best home business there is, but only for those who have approached it well prepared. 

KING is designed to be your last e-mini trading course. If it can be your first one too, that's even better. This is not just another marketing slogan. We say so because we believe that we have pinpointed a key reason of why traders frequently fail in their pursuit of trading consistency and once you are aware of this danger you will be prepared to avoid it and will sail much more smoothly towards your goal of becoming a profitable e-mini day trader than most. We mention it in the KING manual as one of the very first things and refer to it as the greatest threat to your trading career. If you take this threat seriously, KING is bound to become your last emini trading course. 

KING is not meant to be sold forever. More than the half of the copies we intended to sell are gone already. While we are determined to keep its price very affordable, it somehow continues to rise, even if slightly. The smart people that KING is addressed to are a rare species, but there are still enough of them out there to guarantee that all copies of KING will be gone sooner or later. I trust you manage to join the KING tribe of trading wizards soon and will enjoy being a consistently profitable e-mini trader for as long as you enjoy day trading. 

Wishing you all the best, common sense in the first place. 

Waldemar Puszkarz

There is a lot information in the KING's section of this site. You are advised to read as much as you can, but if you are short on time, here are the main things we recommend you peruse to make an educated opinion about our offering:

1) the results (that's where we beat the sleazy marketers impersonating trading experts who will never be able to achieve results even remotely close to ours),
2) the preview (that's where you will see several videos that show KING in action and that's where the marketing sleazballs beat us),
3) the FAQ (totally mandatory and so painfully comprehensive that even the best marketing expert will never attempt this for fear of losing 99% of his favorite clientele also known as dimwitted suckers),
4) the sales page proper (that's where we try very hard not to insult the favorite clientele of marketing experts, very noble if not heroic an effort, doubtless deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize, but since we don't think you are a member of this club, you don't need to be that concerned about it).

You are probably thinking now that we really hate marketers, don't we? On the contrary. We just love them! In the world of nauseating self-promotion in which phony veteran traders trip over even phonier trading gurus who only two weeks ago were selling used cars, in the world of bogus promises and even more bogus, borderline illegal guarantees, the guys who abstain from all those dumb tricks and choose to show substance instead are bound to stand out. And that's us, if we may say so, among a handful of others. We love those sleazballs because they make our business thrive. We truly do. How about calling them "sleazballs" then? Oh, come on. You can't be serious! This is just a term of dearest of endearments. It's like saying "those little cute sleazballs are so adorable," you know...

Are you that good?

(*) KING is meant only for those who live on Earth. Please make sure that you qualify. KING is the only e-mini trading course that is available exclusively to the people of Earth and we are determined to keep it that way. 
Not really...
That's how you become really good at something, but you can get there easier and faster if someone who got there before can share his methods with you.