KING - Two types of trading ideas

There are, roughly speaking, but fairly enough for all practical purposes, only two types of trading ideas or methods or systems. Tools in general, if you will. Namely, those that work and those that don't.

Now, you may think that what I have just said is rather trivial, and I do not necessarily disagree, but you would be surprised how many people actually don't know that yet. I hear from them time and again.

Some of these folks ask if I have something simple enough that would work just for them. I kid you not. These people believe that there is actually something that they could make money with without, obviously, trying too hard, or, God forbid, learning how to do it. They just basically want something with a large red button that says "Enter here!" and that's about it. Well, they probably also need another button, you know, the one that would tell them how to exit, but curiously enough, they seem to be mostly interested in the entries.

Isn't it a bit presumptuous, to say the least, to expect Mr. Market to make things so simple that every mentally lazy person would make money trading? Is it really so hard to understand that trading emini futures is a zero sum game (in theory, because in practice it's even worse when commissions are taken into account), and to make money someone else has to lose it (it could be more than one person), which means you have to beat a few guys to make money, and hence it's not like the money is really offered to you on a silver plate. It's a much more competitive field than that, yet that apparently is somehow lost on quite a few folks out there.

Some other folks are a bit less straightforward in that they don't just ask for something simple enough for them, but ask a whole bunch of questions to determine if KING is as easy as they would like it to be. While I don't mind answering specific questions and want the potential buyer to be as well informed as possible about KING (that's only fair too), I sometimes feel that these folks are on a wrong track. 

Because frankly, if you are into the easy thing, then you have really plenty of choice out there. Every marketer is touting the easy part of their offer and that's because they really have nothing else to tout. Check out if they have some results to brag about and you will see that nope, they only have the easy thing that does almost everything for you, except making money, which for some people may be of little consolation, but for many the easy thing is, curiously enough, all they want and care about.

Is KING easy? Yes, once you master it, which usually takes more time than mastering a simplistic mechanical system, but the thing about KING that I like to stress most is that it comes with very good evidence that it is based on sound ideas that have the potential to make you money, and not necessarily every product in KING's category, sometimes thousands of dollars more expensive, can boast of that.

KING is different from many products of its kind that are commonly referred to as systems, although I even don't call it a system, to avoid any confusion with all the simplistic, mechanical stuff out there. It's different because it relies quite a bit on patterns, rather than indicators and the signals that they generate. Most traders don't like this type of trading, but that is exactly why KING can be a powerful trading tool (or a toolbox, in fact, for it consists of many ideas of how to extract money from the market): not much competition out there that would be after your profits. Not to mention that the patterns are original and hence can only sharpen your edge as the overwhelming majority of traders are not familiar with them. 

KING was designed to handle the complexity of the markets and not to reduce it to something simple because this really cannot be done. Things, as Dr. Einstein once remarked, should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler, and that also explains why there are no trading tools that every investment moron could make money with, although there are certainly many tools for investment morons, KING not being one of them.