KING - The biggest e-mini trading mistake

"Your "biggest threat" advice totally opened my eyes. It was like I finally arrived and that made me work very hard. I think it also saved me hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars..." - Adam

Heck, if I were a shrewd marketer I would call it the biggest emini trading secret ever. But I am not, so I have to settle for something less "shiny," less attractive to the credulous masses that never miss an opportunity to buy into yet another secret. There are no secrets in trading, although there are many marketers out there trying to sell you one of those things. Some of those bozos (although they insist on being called "gurus"; and how pretentious is that?) will even admit that there are no secrets, only to imply that what this really means is that others have no secrets. Gee, talk about secrets without secrets. Or something.

Now, while you can safely forget that some people are so good at trading because they have access to some secret knowledge that no one else will ever be able to attain, you should not disregard the fact that some of these people having spent many years trading do possess insight and knowledge the beginners simply don't. And so you may actually learn a bit from them if you pay attention. Sometimes a tiny bit of their knowledge can be priceless. It may even make you a winning trader.

It's not that hard to become a winning trader, at least in principle, but most people never become one. That's because they do a lot of things wrong, they make mistakes. Some of these mistakes they may even be aware of, but there are some that they never find out about. It's the latter that are worse, of course, because if you don't know that they exist, you will never be able to eradicate them, and thus will most likely perpetuate your career in trading misery as opposed to a career in trading.

Among those big mistakes there is one that stands out, in my opinion. Knowing about it is so important that I even dedicated a special sub-section to it in the KING manual. And it's the very second sub-section of the very first section in the said manual, which suggests that I consider this thing quite important. 

The section is called "The biggest threat to your trading career." I was not wrong about putting so much emphasis on it. I have heard more than once from my KING students that this particular piece of "secret" knowledge made quite a difference in their trading. 

One of these students put it this way: 

"Your "biggest threat" advice totally opened my eyes. It was like I finally arrived and that made me work very hard. I think it also saved me hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars..." 

Check out this screenshot for his testimonial. As you see, knowing about this threat can be very motivating too.

So what is this mistake about? 

Well, let me be very brief in my answer: get yourself KING and you will find it out. Or don't and suffer from the never ending trading misery. Quite likely, I would say. I would choose the former. But I am a smart guy. I hope you are too. Still, it's up to you. I won't promise you a one point profit every day and won't offer you a double your money back guarantee because as a smart guy you would be offended by that. You would suspect it to be yet another emini scam and you would have been right on the money. If not, you are just not smart enough to conquer the emini markets. Trading baseball cards or postal stamps might be more suitable for you. 

I don't mean to scare you. Not at all. But I do know very well that this is a pretty common problem, that curiously enough, does not even look like a problem. How do I know it? From many emails I get every week from people still mightily struggling despite the many years of effort they invested into becoming a consistently profitable trader. It's easy to tell what their main problem is. Yet, sadly, most of them will never become winning traders unless they understand why it's been taking them so long to succeed.

But there is more than just one section that deals with this very important issue of avoiding detrimental mistakes or eliminating bad trading habits. There is a whole special Word file, one of the many in KING, entitled "Why people do not succeed at day trading" that deals with these issues too. I may be biased, but I think that it's much more original and truthful than most stuff out there ever written about it. That's because it was written by someone who spent years in this business trading as opposed to merely writing about it. And while I happen to be this person, no bragging is really meant here. It just the way it is. There often is no substitute for experience. Plus, the success of many of my clients seems to prove it too.

But perhaps you indeed prefer the sympathy of your friends and family instead of their respect. As Ed Seykota, one of the original market wizards, observed, everyone gets from the markets what they are truly after. Smart people get the money, the rest have to settle for some other forms of compensation. The people who have to settle for the latter, are those who simply don't want to face the truth, who don't want to learn.

You want money? Then KING could be your best shot at achieving this goal. Yes, I am serious, although I like to be playful or even provocative from time to time. You will not make it in this business unless you learn how to navigate safely through the minefield of mistakes, especially the big ones. And the sooner you learn it in your trading career, the better. Time is money. Yes, again, and that's what trading is about, too.