KING - What's in KING's future?

KING has been around since November 2008 when I launched a 4 week long mentoring session for the first group of students. I don't think you will ever get 4 weeks of mentoring for only $600 and I don't plan to offer it that low either, but it was worthwhile for me as it convinced me even more of the value of KING.

This was followed by a second mentoring session in January 2009, but only 2 week long. It was in February of 2009 that KING was finally released to the public at large, although without any mentoring included. Still, all the mentoring materials created during the two mentoring sessions were included and over 20 new KING documents have been released in addition to them since that February as of the end of 2009.

While KING was certainly a great value at $600 for the first of my students, it is still a very good value at $900 or so as many new things are still coming for KING and those who decide to buy KING now will be saving money in the long run.

Think about it as an investment. I think it's a very good investment.

Here are some of the things I am going to work on in 2010. Some of them will definitely become a part of KING in 2010, other may be added later. KING is a long term project. I still trade for a living and cannot spend as much time on developing KING as those who only teach or market their ideas. It's unlikely that I will retire from trading in 2010, but may do so next year. Or I may take a few month break from trading if I need it to advance my KING plans faster.

When this happens, I will have more time for teaching and other things that now cannot be easily accommodated with my tight schedule. I may also focus on mentoring more than I have been doing this so far while continuing my trading but in a less intense manner. It's sometimes hard for me to decide what to do next and in what order, but my commitment to developing KING remains unchanged. New things meant to enhance the quality of this offering of mine will be coming. It's only a matter of time.

Let me list some of them now.

1. Version 2.0 of KING.
2. Videos.

I would like Version 2.0 to include some videos, but I may release it even without them.

And here are some other things to come later, probably not sooner than in the second half of 2010 and beyond.

1. Forum.
2. Custom designed indicators for Sierra Chart (and Amibroker), similar to those for NinjaTrader.
3. More trading ideas within KING's framework to make it even more robust.
4. Mentoring.
5. Trading room.
6. Mechanical systems based on KING ideas and indicators, similar to George V.

The other things still need to be better thought out and coordinated. Some of them are easy to set up (a forum, for instance), but that does not mean that they should be given a higher priority. I think having custom designed indicators for Sierra Chart before opening a full-fledged forum is a good idea so as to make the forum communication more efficient as Sierra Chart is what I use for my own trading. Moreover, I definitely need a full-fledged forum for effective mentoring. Hence the forum, the custom designed indicators for Sierra Chart, and the additional trading ideas, especially suitable for a trading room, is what I would like to accomplish next.

When Version 2.0 is released, the price of KING will go up to $950 but very likely even higher, especially if this version includes videos. One more price increase is likely in the second half of 2010. You may want to take this into account when planning your purchase of KING. Moreover, I do not plan to release more than 200 copies of KING. If I ever decide to release more, their price is likely to be at least $3000.

Also, while I am not yet fully done developing KING, that does not mean that KING cannot be useful as it is. The success of many of KING students proves rather convincingly, I believe, that KING delivers quite a punch as it is, but it may still be better. Yes, it is true that videos and a forum can be useful, but they are by no means necessary for your success with KING. In fact, they may even provide a rather harmful distraction from what is truly important and slow down your progress. Plus, I do provide email support, anyway. You can count on my replies within 24 hours, usually faster, as long as your email contains a question. What is absolutely necessary, though, is practice. And knowing what is truly necessary as opposed to merely useful is what distinguishes success from failure in many endeavors.

I will keep you informed about my progress with KING and other plans for it in this section. Make sure to check it out from time to time, if interested.


1. 5/10/10: The first set of 5 educational videos released.

2. 9/27/10: The second set of 10 educational videos released.