George IV - Example of good looking equity curves of a mechanical trading system or recent equity curves of George IV

Let me remind you that last year I restarted tracking this e-mini futures day trading system for ES and YM. It was tracked before for about 2 years and one of possible equity curves from that time can be found in this article.

I simplified it a bit, limiting it to only one strategy that I thought might perform better. That also made it easier to track, which was not as unimportant as it may sound for I track this system manually, so to speak. I am also still pretty busy with KING, my main e-mini futures product, so without making things easier in the George IV department, I might not be able to return to following its performance.

You can see George IV's equity curves for 2014 in the system 2014 performance page.

I continued tracking its performance in 2015 as well, using 2 tracking categories, that differ by one condition only. It turns out that through the first 6 months of 2015, the system has done better in the new category than in the old one, a bit to my suprise, but the year is not over yet, and what matters even more is how well it performs per trade and not in total. You can check out the system performance in both categories for both e-mini futures markets it can trade in its 2015 performance page.

Here I would like to present a continuation of the equity curves from 2014 through the first 6 months of 2015. As you can see below the George IV equity curves continued to grow, not as spectacularly as in the same period in 2014, but still decisively enough to notice it.

George IV's equity curve for ES through 6/30/2015
ES equity curve - George IV

George IV's equity curve for YM through 6/30/2015
YM equity curve - George IV

George IV is still available, now also as an integral part of KING - New Formula. It may not be available on its own beyond 2015. It comes with 3 other e-mini futures day trading systems, whose value is largely educational and historical now, save, perhaps, for George II that proved to be of some value for actual trading in the past.

Posted on July 5th, 2015.