KING - Giving thanks to my KING students

KING, an emini trading course (or trading methodology, if you will), has been around for about 4 years now. I did not expect it to be that successful with so many copies sold, more than any of my other products, despite it being much more expensive. But as I reflect on its success, I think that what has given me the greatest pleasure over the course of these 4 years is the large number of great people that I happened to get to know, folks who have became KING students.

It all starts with Katherine, that I could call a student number zero as she appears in this story even before I launch KING to the public and is the primary inspiration for this project. Her success with my trading methods that constitute the main part of KING and her encouragement in the initial stages of this endeavor are of paramount importance. Thanks again, Kathy!

Still, despite her success, I was launching KING with some trepidation not knowing what to expect from it. Katherine's results were so good that I was afraid that I was dealing with some freak of nature, a trading savant of sorts, and that her results would be impossible to repeat. Fortunately, thanks to PP and Dick in the first KING mentoring session and then to John and Rich in the second one, and subsequently to quite a few others, this trepidation was proven unfounded.

The great results that Katherine achieved with KING methods were, even surprisingly easily, replicated by others. Not by all, but that's unrealistic to expect since KING is a discretionary trading methodology and the human factor cannot be neglected in it. But this very same human factor, as unpredictable as it is, can make one very successful with KING.

Needless to say, I was and will always be very thankful to these folks because without them KING would have never become one of those "too good to believe" things as some mediocrities used to losing money hand over fist like to think about it. All too often in life, you get what you expect. Trading does not have to be a losing proposition, but thinking that it somehow should be can make it so.

I still hear from some of these folks, the original KING students. Sometimes, they let me know that they remain thankful for my work and I certainly do appreciate their appreciation too. Here is an email from Rich, the same Richard who was kind enough to offer his testimonial during the second KING mentoring session. I got it last year. And here are two more emails from someother folks that I received this year.

This appreciation is not limited to the kind emails. A few of them referred their friends to me and those friends bought their copy of KING too. This started from PP, who recommended KING to a friend of his in late 2008 during the first KING mentoring session, but did not stop at him. Others followed the suit as you can see from yet another e-mail example, a very recent one. The Robert mentioned in this email is the same that had sent this one. Thanks again, Robert!

I would like to thank all these folks too, but I would also like to thank those who took their time to write emails that were meant as testimonials. Some even wrote longer reviews. That's extra appreciated.

While only a small fraction of KING copies is still available for future buyers, that does not mean that the KING project will end next year. In fact, next year I plan to lunch a KING forum that should continue well beyond the day the last copy of KING is sold. In a way, next year is likely to bring the KING community even closer together than to close it for good.

Once again, many thanks to all the KING students. You have been a great bunch.

Written on the Thanksgiving Day of 2012.