KING - How to make $200 with only one or two Dow e-mini futures contracts

Well, here is how.

Using KING of course, bitches!

Now, that was a short answer. A long one is contained in the screenshot that follows and that's just one example of how to do it. A good example, though, an extreme one, in a way, because it involves two rather big losses, but still a hefty profit at the end of the day, or merely after less than two hours of trading.

emini trading results #518

This screenshot is very recent, as of this writing, it comes from September 30th, 2013.

And there is another one, with the same theme. Of how to make $200 or more with just one or two (at most) e-mini futures contracts. It too contains two losers, but not as bad as in the previous screenshot. This screenshot, see it below, shows my trading results from the glorious day of October 1st, 2013.

emini trading results #519

And finally, to complete this trilogy, here is the last in the series, from October 4th, the very same year. No losses this time.

emini trading results #522

So, as you see, it is still possible to do just fine with only 1-2 contracts using KING as your trading methodology.

These days, however, I practically never trade with less than two, and I may increase my starting position if that's necessary, though only rarely do I use more than 2 contracts beyond the original two. At times, depending on how aggressive and confident about my position I feel, I may go total bananas and build it up to 20-30 contracts, but that is unlikely to happen more than several times a year.

I think that if you can afford, you should definitely try to trade with at least 2 contracts. But you can do well even with 1 or 2, as you also can see from the results produced by Katherine in 2008, shortly before I launched KING to the public. All her results involved 2 futures contracts at most.

I posted all these screenshots in the current e-mini trading results section.

Posted on October 10th, 2013.