KING - Is KING right for the newbies?

The short answer is "yes."

When I was releasing KING in late 2008, it was originally meant for my George IV clients, and so it was assumed that they had had some trading experience, usually of a few months at least.

However, as PRH's testimonials demonstrate, an ambitious newbie, should be able to handle KING just fine. He is not the only newbie who has handled KING well. I heard from others as well and most of them were exposed to the same edition of KING as PRH, that is, the first KING edition. I have some emails from them on file, in case you are interested.

The second edition of KING, released quite recently, in March 2011, is much more newbie friendly, being better organized with some additional introductory information that should help the newbies most.

I don't think there is anything in KING that would make it unsuitable to newbies. In my opinion based on my experience with them, they often have problems at the level where studying KING is not even involved, such as opening a brokerage account, setting up a data feed, or the custom KING indicators for NinjaTrader. While I may be able to help with the indicators, the other issues mentioned or learning how to use a trading or charting platform are where the newbie needs to be totally in charge and handle them on his or her own. If you can do this, you are ready for KING.

There is nothing in KING that would make it forbidding to newbies. In fact, I am convinced that KING offers a very solid educational foundation for any e-mini trader, including, and perhaps even especially those totally new. No, it does not tell you how to operate your favorite charting package or similar things, but that's what you learn from those who sell it. Or even by yourself.

So if you are a newbie, fear not. You should be able to handle KING if you are able to handle basic tasks such as mastering your charting software, your simulator, and your data feed that often comes from your broker, so you may need to open your brokerage account first. Then you could be as primed for the KING education as pretty much anybody else can be.