KING - $1200 - the most attractive price in the Universe for a comprehensive winning e-mini day trading course

(Well, at least in this part of the Universe. We admit, we did not check those parts close to the edge of the Universe as we are positive that no one is selling anything out there. Plus, Santa, who we interviewed just to double-check this, says so too. And he should know, right? He knows everything.) 

And if you don't think so, if you disagree with us that $1200 is the most attractive price in the Universe for a truly comprehensive winning emini day trading course, then we are sorry to tell you that this indicates one or more of the following:

1) you need a new shrink
2) you need a dog
3) if you already have a dog, you need a smarter dog
4) your spouse is ugly
5) your kids think you are a sore loser
6) your kids are sore losers
7) your neighbors don't say "hello" 
8) your coworkers think you are a creep
9) you are poor and being poor sucks
10) you may not be poor, but you are stupid.

There is one and only one guaranteed way to ensure that none of the above ever happens to you: get yourself KING!

You see, 1200 is close to 1000, 1000 is close to 800 and 800 is close to 600, so 1200 is almost 600! Think, people, think. Math's really simple. And $600 was the original price of KING some two years ago, so two years from now this price might as well be $2400... And when I apply my Jedi mind tricks, you will be buying KING at $2400 thinking it's only $600. 

Incidentally, did you notice how often other vendors hide the price of their "wonderware"? Sometimes you just need to drag them through mud and fire before they reveal that they charge like (cough, cough...) $3500 or $5000 or $7500 for it. Not so with KING. Anything can be said about KING's price but not that it's hidden from you. You know why? Because KING is freaking worth it!

There is plenty of evidence on this site that KING ideas work and work remarkably well. With so much evidence, the price cannot possibly always be below $1000. More evidence is still likely to come and with it the higher prices as the demand for KING will only grow. That's how the market works, folks. If you are a trader, you should be able to understand it.

Now, here is a link for the really smart people. If it works for you, you may be smart enough for KING.