KING - E-mails to prospective clients

I get quite a few e-mails a month from prospective KING clients. I answer all of them. I always reply at least once, but often end up replying more than once. 

I don't mind responding to emails from prospective clients at all, but if you don't hear from me after my second e-mail or so, chances are that you simply did not pay attention to what I said in my previous e-mails and you started sounding like a troll. That does not happen very often, but it does from time to time. Or I really don't think you stand a chance to succeed at trading, but in such a case, I usually will tell you this in my first reply.

I like to be honest with those who contact me as this saves my time and theirs too, so everybody ends up happy. Or not so happy, but at least, I hope, they appreciate that I did not try to sell them something they would most likely not appreciate, anyway.

KING is not for everyone, and I don't hide it. It's not for everyone if only because day trading futures is not for everyone, but since KING is a discretionary trading methodology its appeal may be even more limited, even though discretionary e-mini day trading is, in my opinion, the best and most reliable way to make money, especially if you are a small retail trader.

The ideal KING candidate is a smart, independent, self-confident, and self-reliant person. You don't have to be a genius to be able to profit from KING, but you do need to be willing to think and work hard.

If I think that you are not a good candidate for KING, because, for instance, you don't meet the criteria I mentioned above or for some other reasons I deem pertinent, I will tell you that. Here are some examples of this, three of them, and those were rather easy cases. The last one was made easier by the fact the prospect did not think it was a good idea to do even very cursory homework, but asked a bunch of questions half of which he could have easily answered himself.

Sometimes I have a hard case. I like to say yes, but I like even more to be honest, and sometimes I end up being brutally honest. Not that I am mean, but my sugarcoating skills may be quite limited at times, to put it mildly. Here is one example of that. It was an email to a nice Englishman, who sounded very bright, but at the same time sent such a bad signal with his trust issue that I really had to address it and I am afraid I shot down his KING career badly. Here is this email.

Andrew actually did a much better homework than most, which I liked a lot, and he seemed serious and eager to learn, but his lack of trust in his own abilities and his lack of trust in others did not sound encouraging to me one bit. Yet at the same time he wanted to see me as some kind of savior, the main enabler of his success. And I really hate it. I hate it because I am not a savior, I am not some white knight that will make you a success. Only you can make yourself a success, you are the main enabler of this. People who approach my role this way strike me as lacking self-confidence, but also as not willing to take responsibility for their own fate. That does not sit well with me at all.

Talking about doing homework, people who fail at it, may be advised against KING too. I don't have good experience with people like that. I don't find them responsible, and they tend to be whiners too, even though, I don't invite whiners at all, as you can see in the main page of KING. But they come, anyway. 

Here is one totally ridiculous story in connection with this. This fellow buys a copy of KING and shortly afterwards contacts me whining that he did not get videos with it. Well, I did not promise him any videos. It was back when the price of KING was $700 or so and I was not offering any videos with it nor was I advertising KING as a product that includes videos. He simply assumed that he would get videos. 

That's an example of how some people do their homework: they assume they will get something instead of checking what they will really be getting prior to the purchase. Heck, why bother. After all, you can always bash a vendor on a trading forum because you did not get what he did not promise you and that's so his fault, or you can try and extort the money back from him by threatening him with some authorities. It's the latter that the fellow in question attempted, and was kindly advised that it would have legal ramifications as extortions were illegal in the USA. And still are.

I believe that there is a strong correlation between people's appreciation for doing their homework and their intelligence. That's because doing your homework boosts your intelligence. And that's why I prefer to deal with those who do believe in doing their homework. Saves my time and frustration, saves their time and frustration too.

And then there is an email to Gary, who seemed a bit concerned that I was running some scam operation here. That's really not the case. I cannot scam you if only because I promise much less than most and I try to deliver more, but the latter depends also on the receiver. 

For instance, I make no guarantees of any kind, yet show quite a bit of evidence that my ideas work, probably more than most vendors do. You will not get the promise of 1 point a day from me and I will not sweeten this deal with a "double your money back guarantee" or anything of this kind. 

All I can give you is my tools, the same I use myself and my support to get you started and going if you really need it and most of my students don't need it much as KING is a very comprehensive course and a lot of questions you might have have already been addressed in it. And since everyone has received what I have ever promised (tools and support), I have not scammed anyone nor do I plan to.

Here is my email to Gary, that explained my position on this issue and how to do your DD as well. You may find it useful too. I actually advised Gary to try something else first, as you can see from my second email to him, as I don't believe in selling my ideas to people who are not very convinced that what I offer is a genuinely good deal. I think it is, I strongly believe in the value of KING, but I am only one side to the deal. The other side needs to bring something to it too for the deal to become a success. Incidentally, Gary did buy KING.

My vendor philosophy is quite simple: I give you the tools, you master them. It's minimalist, but it's honest. In fact, I believe that's about the only thing you can reasonably expect from a vendor without getting disappointed in any way: the tools to help you in your trading.