KING - Magic indicators

I sometimes hear from people who ask me about indicators. Specifically about KING indicators that I have been using for my own trading and have shared with a number of other people. This happens quite a bit, in fact.

They seem to believe that there is something special about them. Well, sorry to disappoint you, folks, but there isn't and I have never said anything that would imply it. Moreover, anyone who does, I believe, is just fiddling with the old canard of the holy grail myth, in this case simply disguised as the magic indicators. Newbies fall for it all the time, but I suspect that so do also those less experienced or plainly somewhat misguided traders. There is nothing magic about KING's or any other indicators because there is no such thing as magic indicators just like there is nothing magic about pink unicorns, and for the same reason too: they don't exist, pink or not. KING's indicators are pretty standard, standard to most popular charting platforms, and I don't hide this fact.

It's not the indicators that are special, but how how they are combined. That's what is unique and special about KING when it comes to indicators. It is this combination and what it effectively gives rise to in terms of various trading configurations ("setups") such as Pure Evils, to name just one example, that makes KING original. Many, if not most of such configurations are entirely novel and native to KING only. As the experience and results of quite a few of my clients show, this combination can be quite powerful, and you better believe it or else how can you explain the results I have personally been posting for years.

But it's really not indicators or their combinations that I really like to stress when it comes to what KING has to offer newbies and not only them. It's the insight, philosophy, and guidance that KING contains that I believe can be most valuable to new traders and can save them months if not years of the learning curve. If you know what's truly important for your trading success, you are much more likely to succeed than if you were only given a bunch of indicators to play with, especially by someone who peddles a new kind every year as opposed to really using them for his trading. I have been using the KING indicators for 7 years and counting. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, but you still need to master trading and getting reliable, well combined indicators is only one of the steps, even if important, towards that goal.