KING - People ask questions about KING

Yes, they seriously do. Before buying it.

That's totally fine with me. In fact, I prefer to deal with well-informed buyers. Getting well-informed as a buyer really helps both sides and prevents problems that may arise if you buy without doing your homework first.

Most buyers ask no questions. That's totally fine with me too as there is plenty of information on my site to help you make an educated decision. But some do and I may sometimes share my answers to these questions on this site so that you have a better idea about my business approach or about KING and issues related to it.

Here's another occasion to do this. This article contains my response to a recent buyer's questions. Yes, this person bought KING eventually. Here is a screenshot of my email with a pretty lengthy response, not the first in a series of several emails we exchanged, but the longest email (on my part) in this series. And what follows below is a copy of the email text. It's in bold.

Now, I do respond to all emails from prospective buyers. I may not respond to emails from those who may have a misguided idea about what my vendor business offers. In particular, I am not in the business of providing calls, as my business is purely educational in nature, and providing calls is something that may require a different legal framework. I have not examined this issue well enough to feel comfortable about doing this type of business. Some people who do this are at the very best in a grey area, but that's another issue. I address some aspects of that in this article about the dubious business of trading rooms. Moreover, doing calls means more hard work on my part for the benefit of people who may just be too lazy to master the art of trading on their own. I prefer helping those who want to help themselves.

As an educator, I am in the business of providing fishing sticks so that you can get fish on your own once you have mastered the art of catching it. I do not serve fish directly.

And now, let me return to my response, as advertised above.

Hello again Jeff,

Based on your emails what you seem to be after is an emini futures mentoring program. I don't provide anything of the sort (not at this point, at least). I told you that answering your first set of questions.

KING is a self-study course for people who believe in their learning abilities and don't want to pay too much for good education. It's mentioned as such on my site too. I do provide some support for it (can answer up to 10 of your questions after you have read most of the KING materials), good enough for most practical purposes and commensurate to the price, but it's limited. All support is limited for physical reasons, anyway.

But since KING is a comprehensive trading course, most of my clients never ask a single question. I don't think a mentoring program offers a significant advantage to the student. A good mentor is not a bad idea, but, in my opinion, accounts for at most 30% of your trading success. If you want to pay for that, you will find plenty of other educators out there willing to take your money. But just because they promise more support, does not mean you will get it. My business model is more honest, as I promise less, and because of that I am more likely to deliver.

It's your constant practice that is the key to your success and not having your questions answered. I stress this aspect on my site quite a bit and those who buy KING apparently agree with that.

Your choice is between what I offer as it is, a choice good enough for many, or looking elsewhere if you don't think what I offer is the best match for you. It's up to you, but I am not going to change my business that has been functioning well for over 10 years now for one person or two who need more support. I'd like to have happy clients too and people who expect from me what I do not promise (and may not be able to deliver) are not likely to be happy if they do not get it.

My business formula can be summed up in a simple slogan: "I give you my ideas and evidence they work, you deliver the rest." It's the most honest approach you can get because it targets the people most likely to succeed: the people who believe in their abilities, which is the key to success.

Speaking of which, I would encourage you to have more faith in your abilities, whether you choose KING or not. People sometimes underestimate their abilities - here's some happy ending story of one of KING's students who almost abandoned KING at first:

My first KING (or even pre-KING) student, Katherine, was so phenomenal that I was feeling quite uneasy when starting my first mentoring session with a group of several new students. I was afraid that no one would be able to repeat her performance. I was totally wrong. People can do better, even much better, than we sometimes expect. That's one of the main things I learned from my business. And that's also the message I try to instill in my clients.

I could address some of your other questions, but they are not particularly related to KING or my business and, regretfully, I don't have time for that at this point. I may answer them on my site in future, at least those of general interest to traders.

Thanks again for your interest.

If you like an honest way of doing business, you will most likely appreciate KING. If you don't, get ready for a costly journey towards becoming a successful e-mini futures day trader.

Posted on May 20th, 2018.