KING - Some recent emails or what's going on

You may have noticed that this site is not updated as often as it used to be. Some of the visitors to it certainly have and that has even prompted them to ask some questions.

Let me assure you then that all is fine with me, KING, and my business in general. Thanks for your concern.

It just happens that due to some recent circumstances I have been forced to focus more on my personal and family life than this online business of mine. That's only temporary and I plan to be back in action next year though focusing more on the KING forum than this site. Still, I intend to keep KING available through 2019 (for a total of 12 years), but probably not longer than that.

It is because of this that the price of KING is now slightly reduced compared to its standard price of $1500 - "only" by $300, but still not exactly a small amount to most people. I simply don't have much time to market KING now, so I decided to extend its last Christmas special offer for another 12 months or so. Things will be back to normal early next year. Meanwhile, do feel free to take advantage of this special price if you are interested in becoming a skilled e-mini futures trader.

Just as a Cleo did not so long ago. She sent me two e-mails following her purchase of KING. One shortly after the purchase (see it here) and another about two weeks later after putting KING to some test and discovering that it made her a noticeably better trader. See, in only two weeks you may accomplish more than in years with some other trading courses.

I purchased the KING system I guess a couple weeks ago now and I'm really enjoying it. I have a seen a remarkable shift in my trading, from entries to exits. I trade the NQ and this system works very well with it.

Now, I am not going to tell you that everyone will succeed the same way or that the success is guaranteed (see this).

But I can tell you, as I did in this e-mail to another of recent KING buyers (part 1 and part 2), that I am not particularly concerned how KING traders use this methodology. I believe that if you immerse yourself in the study and practice of KING, you stand a good chance to improve your trading craft, just as Cleo did (and many others before her) and that's what matters first and foremost and not details of how you arrive there, which means that KING is flexible enough to accomodate more than one path. There is quite a bit of evidence on this site that KING can be very useful in the hands of a dedicated trader, but at the same time it is simply impossible for everyone to succeed as well as the best in this business (or any other field of human activity). That's just the way it is. You are the most important factor in your trading success while, if I may say so with an obvious bias, KING is your best bet to make this success happen.

To be honest, I even don't care how people use KING. I am more interested in their success than in insisting on some right way of doing things. And I am convinced that those who are bound to succeed will find their way, while others will keep looking for some magic wand.

I sleep well because I have provided tons of evidence that it is indeed a very good bet - either through my trades or in the form of testimonials and its the former that count more and yet are so hard to find on the sites that sell competing trading methodologies. The latter, and often in plentiful quantities, are more likely to be found there while I have tried to limit them on this site. The original KING traders could only rely on the ones provided by Katherine. Now there are more, much more and while I may still add some, I am now doing so only occasionally through articles like this one or the article you are reading rather than via the Testimonials page.

Posted on November 6th, 2017.