KING - Is it for you?

Are you so intimidated by Kathy's results that you feel totally unwilling to believe that they are real or paralyzed by the fear that you, a proud male, will do worse than that chick?! 

Well, your fear is probably totally overblown. And if it is not, then who is a chicken little now?

I remember Kathy's first steps. She started very well right away, but her first profits were proud 2-3 tick victories in ES or YM. Not much to write home about, but she was consistent and that was very important, more than the size of her scalps. I remember how she would refer to herself as "big chicken little," which became slightly annoying after a while, but fortunately did not last long at all. And now, she is a monster blockbuster bad ass chicken that you don't want to meet in a blind alley at night. In fact, you probably don't want to meet her at all.

She is so "bad" that in my last email to her, I asked her, half-jokingly, "Now, how the heck am I to explain to my potential clients that you are not supernatural??"

It was in response to another screenshot that she sent me again, specifically per my request because I wanted to do some experiment. This screenshot is below and it should come with a warning it is not for the faint of heart ...

Not for the faint of heart

The purpose of this experiment was to compare her results to mine. You see, I took 10 quick scalps like that too, this morning, as you can verify in the next picture. I targeted only 5 ticks or so and 9 out of 10 of my trades did not last even a full minute. I asked her to show a list of her trades showing at least 10 last trades, for comparison, and her screenshot shows 11 of them.

My baby 5 tick steps ...

Now, obviously she is a much better quick scalper than me, but the point is that this is really not my main trading style as I focus on bigger scalps, so if I could do this without any special training in this particular style, though admittedly I am an experienced trader, means that it is not necessarily that tough to become skilled at this. And if you spend a few months doing so, you are likely to become as good as Kathy, perhaps even better, although the latter is a very tall call indeed. That was the point of my experiment: even though she is much better than me at this particular trading style, I showed you that it is possible to have nice long winning streaks even if you are not a champ like her. At this point, I suspect that Kathy trades by intuition as much, if not more, as she does by my instructions, but she had to start somewhere and it's probably fair to say that what I suggested turned out to be useful. And she confirms this too.

The point I am really driving at is what Henry Ford has once summed up in just a single sentence: "Whether you think you can or you cannot, you are right."

And that is often the main thing that separates the successful from those who are not. Another thing that is important to keep in mind if you want to join the ranks of people like Kathy is that you will never get there without leaving your comfort zone.

So, if you are afraid of the challenge that Kathy poses to your belief system, it's probably better to face it than to pretend that people like her do not exist.

They do, and that's true about virtually every field of human endeavor. There is almost always someone much better than we at anything we do... but that should not prevent us from trying to be much better than we are. In fact, individuals as skilled as Kathy tell us what we can possibly accomplish, they set the frontiers of what's possible. 

KING is an invitation to this kind of challenge.

It is a challenge for me too. I did not have to create KING and if it were not for Kathy and her outstanding performance, I would have probably never felt compelled to do this, to leave my comfort zone. I was doing fine as a trader, and I still am, and did not even think about starting this training program. But my experience with Kathy convinced me that I have much more to offer, that I can help others more than just by selling my mechanical trading systems. I accepted this challenge.

I decided to define this challenge more precisely, write it down, and even to post it here in a public place to keep myself fully accountable.

This challenge for me is to create 50-100 successful, consistently profitable emini traders in the next 2-3 years without ever charging them more than $1,500 before they start making money for good.

Perhaps even no more than $1,000, which should certainly apply to those participating in the first mentoring sessions. And knowing that others charge as much as $7,500 for something like that, you have to agree that someone will be getting a serious deal here.

To this end, I start with George IV, which is a sieve of sorts. If you don't find George IV much to your liking, you may not be suitable for KING. I still wish you well, but I prefer to focus on those who are more "trainable" and I think those who have not found George IV challenging are more likely to meet my requirements. This step saves you some money, which you may want to spend on those $7,500 products (just kidding...), and saves some of my time as well. And rest assured that George IV is a fine product, at least as judged by its results, although it has some other enviable qualities as well.

The next step is KING, which should make quite a difference in your trading, at least, if judged by Kathy's results. I realize that they may not be standard, but I would worry only if they stunk. Clearly, they don't ...

But, I won't leave you there. If you still need my help, I will be offering a trading room, based on the ideas of KING, with my calls included, mostly for bigger targets, and a general commentary in real time on how to apply KING's ideas to what's going on in the market. Participating in this room should make you money, so even if I plan to charge for it $100 or so a month, it will be money well spent. This room is planned for 2009 provided I have at least 30-40 KING's graduates by then.

So, sooner or later, I do strongly believe, you will become a successful trader. It's my challenge to make you one.

And, as always, it's up to you to decide if you like my approach or not, but if you compare it to what competition has to offer (do I need to bring up this $7,500 again?), you will probably arrive at the right conclusion quite easily.