KING - How I am not a guru or do you want to feel empowered?

I am getting quite a few emails every month from people who think that they have finally found their white knight who will save them from their trading misery once and forever. 

Well, I can't even begin to tell you how much this irritates me. I am no freaking white knight. And I have never pretended to be a guru, nor do I want to be seen as one. By the way, most self-proclaimed gurus are fake, which you may want to keep in mind next time you decide to seek them again.

Yes, that truly annoys me. All I can do is to give you my tools and ideas, which I do believe are very sound, my best advice on how to use them, and my mental support if you happen to need one, but that's about it. Incidentally, that's also all you can get from others, including those who charge thousands of dollars for their more or less dubious expertise. Their real expertise is in marketing, although I must admit that some of them are also quite good when it comes to masquerading as traders. 

Success is a very individual thing and is not strongly correlated with the amount of support you can get from others. I have spent about a year or so mentoring new traders, so I can tell you this honestly. Those who succeed best are those who need little or no support from me. On the other hand, those who had a rough start may continue struggling even with my best support. It's not me. It's you who can make the biggest difference in your trading career, but that's not something you will hear from other vendors. You know why? Because they want you to think that you need them more than you actually do. They want you to believe that they can make a big difference in your trading education. How else could they justify their fees, exorbitant at times. 

That's one huge baloney. I am convinced that the best traders are made of those who believe in doing it yourself. They just need tools and once they get them, they take it over from there. That's the type of clients I am looking for. Those who want to do it on a budget. The smart entrepreneurial type. The type that knows that the key to success is his or her own work first and foremost.

Because it really is. The fact is, if you want to become a good trader, you need to practice. A lot. And then some more. You need to immerse yourself in trading and approach it as a serious business, that it really is, and not yet another hobby to enjoy in your spare time. Sitting in some chat room listening to someone's comments about what's going on in the market is not going to make you a much better trader. As a matter of fact, I can imagine how this can be even counter-productive by making you complacent and dependent on someone else's judgment and not on yours. We learn mostly by doing and that's what you should focus on. Do you think you can become a good driver by watching all the training videos out there? Sure they can offer a good start, but you will never become a skilled driver unless you spend at least a few months actually driving in different traffic conditions. So how smart it is to pay $7,500 for what, at best, is a good start? It's not smart at all. 

This $7,500 can also be spent quite differently. How about $1,000 or so for trading tools and the rest to fund your trading account? That makes much more sense to me. And if you don't think so, I am afraid you lack common economic sense that is needed to make smart trading decisions.

The way I like to approach helping new traders is by empowering them. I want them to realize how much their trading success depends on them in the first place, and only then on me or on others. Those who already understand it or those who can easily embrace it are the best material to work with. On the other hand, those seeking a guru in me, tell me immediately that they badly lack self-confidence that is absolutely necessary for success in this business. Without it, it's hard to make anyone feel empowered. 

It is often for this reason that I advise some people against buying KING. Quite a few, in fact. If I don't think they can succeed, that's the best I can do. As a matter of fact, and sadly enough too, some of them just don't seem to know when to stop telling me how inadequate they are for this business. And then they are surprised to hear my advice: "please don't buy KING." Yes, some get a second chance if they really want it, but some don't. And no, I don't find any pleasure in turning people down, but sometimes this is simply the best solution for both sides I can come up with. 

So, do you want to feel empowered? Then KING is definitely for you. 

But, remember what I just told you. Only you can make it happen. With my help, if you need it, but quite easily even without it. 

Yes, you can.