KING - So how really good is KING, again?

The KING methodology, being a very sound discretionary emini trading methodology, is very selective when it comes to choosing entry points. There is more than one method to do it. One of them is my favorite. Well, more precisely, one of my favorites. And that's what this brief article is about.

Several times a week, using KING you can zero in on what I call "critical spots." As you see from the screenshots attached below that show 1 minute charts from one day in late September 2009, the price moves very swiftly from such areas, which allows you to score quick solid profits.

I am now writing a review document of critical spots for KING students. One of the benefits of KING is that it is meant to be a continued education type of project, which means that virtually every month you can count on receiving a document or two presenting some new ideas or reviewing old ones. That helps you learn KING ideas more effectively.

The arrows in the pictures below show entry points. You can easily target 10-20 points when the price surges from one of such spots. The exit points of the last resort can be precisely determined by KING indicators too, but in order not to complicate the pictures (and, admittedly, also because I was being lazy), I have not marked them here. The 10 point profit target would have easily been reached in each of these cases, anyway.

Fig 1.

Fig 2.

Fig 3.