KING - Putting things in perspective

Well, I am quite sure that I don't need to tell you who the lady in the photo below is. 

But, if you happen to be a real alien (not a poor illegal Mexican, but a genuine ET) who just arrived on this greatest of planets (Herzlich Willkommen, by the way), that's Sandra Bullock, a famous Hollywood actress. She is one of my favorite actresses. Second only to Angelina Jolie. I think she looks lovely in this photo, but that's really not the point here. 

I want you to you zoom in on her shoes. Now, that's what this picture is really about. Her shoes. These are the real 800 buck shoes. Can you believe this? Nearly a grand for a pair of shoes? They are said to be Azzedine Alaia platform sandals. Whatever. I don't think I have ever spent more than a hundred bucks on a pair of shoes, and I am doing just fine. Azzedine Alaia or not. And they don't look like sandals at all. Who the heck comes up with all those silly fashion names?

Now, check out the price of KING. It's still less than $800, right? It may reach $800 this year. I would say that's almost guaranteed, but even when it does, its price will still be very modest. Even compared to a pair of really expensive but otherwise stupid shoes. And how long can you keep using shoes like that? A year? A month? In the case of Sandra Bullock, it's probably just a week, maybe even a day. While KING is meant to last for a lifetime. 

Again, is KING really so expensive? I don't think so. 

Let's now examine another picture. 

Yes, I agree that it is much less appealing that the previous one. After all, it shows no shoes. 

But this is a great picture for educational purposes. Because it shows how the KING competition prices their emini products. Yes, only 8 grand for yet another "revolutionary" emini product.  I was quite shocked when I discovered this, and I am guessing that you may be just as shocked as I was.

It does not matter that they have yet to produce more than a month long record of performance and that the one they have produced so far offers no hope that you will be able to recover your 8 grand investment even in 6 months trading with one contract. In 12 months, perhaps. In contrast, there is a good chance you will be able to recover your KING purchase within a week only trading just 2 contracts, which is the minimum I recommend for KING. Although it may take you a few weeks or longer to become good enough to make a grand or so a week consistently. With just 2 contracts. 

Still, don't take anything for granted, as there are no guarantees in this business, which is also why you you want to spend less than more on your trading tools. You want to think about it as an investment and so you should also buy it only with the money you can afford to lose. 

But how about that great discount they offer? Isn't it really something. Look, it's over 60% of the regular price! Now, that is one terrific deal, isn't it? Well, only if you are a moron. Think for a second. How can you justify this retail price, in the first place, if you offer this kind of discount? You can't, unless you are going out of business. Or in other words, the retail price of nearly 8 thousand dollars is a total rip-off. 

That's right. You gotta be a total dummie if you think that there is a strong correlation between the price and the quality of what you buy. There isn't. But those selling these overpriced things want you to believe that there is, and a lot of gullible folks fall for it. Wanna be the next one? I hope not.