KING - Pricing

While I am committed to keeping KING relatively affordable, the price of KING does increase even if slowly. It's quite likely that it will reach $1200 by the end of 2010, perhaps skipping the $1000 level, and it will certainly get there sooner or later, especially when Version 2 of KING is released. However, even with the somewhat hefty price tag of $1200, KING will still be the least expensive comprehensive e-mini day trading course out there.

Here is how KING's competition values their e-mini trading products. See a sample of two pictures below.

Now, that's rich, isn't it? But it's too bad they have yet to post how good their results are. Ours are here, by the way.

The price of KING is bound to reach $1,500, and if I ever decide to release more than 200 copies of it (not planned and rather unlikely at this point), it may reach $2,000, but not more. Last time I checked greed was not a virtue, and there is only one way these fellows can justify the prices that high and that is simply by their inability to make money with the trading methods they sell or else why would they be so shy about showing their results?

I have recently come across a receipt of my monthly subscription to Sierra Chart. It was from 2004, although I started using Sierra Chart as early as the second half of 2002. It turns out that in 2004 I was paying $7 to be able to use this software for one month. I do recall that when I was just starting using it, several months earlier, I needed to pay only $6 for that. These days I am paying over $17 for the same thing. Of course, this is not exactly the same software, as it has gone through many upgrades since then, but neither is KING the same it was when I was launching it in late 2008. That's why its price is a bit higher now and continues to rise as more things are being added to it.

When I was starting my emini trading career in 2002, some emini trading courses still available today on the Internet, were $350 to $499. These days they are $1500 to $2995, and while they are not exactly the same they were back then, some have changed very little. They may now boast of a few more testimonials, yet they come with virtually no evidence that even their creators have been able to put them to good use, and if that's the case, how much one can really value such testimonials? Unfortunately, that's pretty much the rule where such products are concerned. Once again, I don't hide the results I can achieve using KING ideas and when I was launching KING, I made it sure that my first KING student provided me with a sizable sample of hers too. So wanna bet that those $1,500 or higher priced courses are really more likely to make you a better trader? I wouldn't.