KING - Are you a stalker?

I don't mean a celebrity stalker. That's pitiful and I hope you know this.

I mean stalking Mr. Market, that evil bastard that ruined the careers of many wannabe traders. Well, on the other hand, he did some favor to those who consider themselves successful traders, because they got the spoils, so perhaps he is not that bad, after all. And let's face it, trading is not an occupation for idiots. It's only portrayed as such by unscrupulous marketers who never tire of selling yet another sham. Yes, for them idiots are the best clientele they can dream of. And, interestingly enough, somehow they can always count on the fresh supply of their dream clients.

So, are you a stalker? If not, perhaps you should consider being one. Yes, why not? That does not mean you have to brag about it to your family or friends, who would probably find this a bit weird, but being a stalker can be quite a lucrative occupation.

And that's what KING is about. It's about stalking Mr. Market.

But there is more, otherwise KING would not be so much fun, and, believe me, it is. Namely, the KING trader is not just content with merely stalking Mr. Market. His goal is to catch Mr. Market with his pants down. Yeah, I know that may seem, like, a bit too radical to some, but that's nothing compared to what the consummate KING trader does. Or does not.

Because the consummate KING trader does not act until Mr. Market trips. Yes, with his pants down. I know that robbing a guy lying down with his pants down as well is not what most civilized societies would consider, like, heroic, but that's what the consummate KING trader does. He just robs Mr. Market in these rather pitiful circumstances (pitiful for Mr. Market, that is), which, as you can probably imagine, is not that hard to do. The guy's down with his pants, well..., also down, so a child could do it. That's how easy it is to make money with KING. No kidding one bit. It can be fun too, in a perverted sort of way.

And let's face it, that evil bastard would do the same to you, your dog (if you allow your dog to carry cash, as some people in Beverly Hills do), your kids or your other significant ones, if he had a slightest chance to do it. Which is exactly why every KING trader is supposed to trade holding his or her pants tight. Yes, that's right. "Mouse in one hand, pants in another," is how we KING traders do it.

Joking aside, what I just described is pretty much how you trade using KING ideas. Allegorically speaking, that is. Your goal is simply to attack the market when it is at its most vulnerable, at the point where the odds are very much in your favor. Sometimes, overwhelmingly so. How to do it? Well, you need to learn how to read the market well. 

That's precisely what KING is about. KING provides you with ideas to read the market so well, that you are very often right and can take advantage of this in a way that to some may seem magical.

$1767 in one day with 40 straight winners   -   Magic?

The top trader of 150+ traders   -   Magic?

113 wins and only one loss   -   Magic?

But to the KING trader it's just knowledge coupled with solid practice. Because without the right knowledge you are just another idiot trader. And the more you practice, the better you are at recognizing the situations where taking advantage of Mr. Market's vulnerability is a child's play. KING also gives you the tools to attack the market in the best way possible. It gives you the technology, if you will, to perform your magic.

And since I just mentioned magic and technology in one sentence, this brings us to Arthur C. Clarke's famous three laws. The third of them states that "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." So, apparently, KING satisfies this law quite well.

A rather straightforward corollary to this law states that "any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced." And that's precisely all the crap out there peddled by shrewd marketers, their dogs, and other significant ones. Okay, maybe not by the dogs, but I am definitely right about the crap and the marketers.

Let me now show you a few examples of how the KING trader stalks that pathetic loser, Mr. Market.

This is a part of a new document called ROSTI-1 (Review Of Some Trading Ideas), that my KING clients received this June (2009). It's part one, which means that more is to come in this series. KING is meant to be a continued education type of project, so I am definitely not done with it yet. It will be getting only better and better and I am committed to it. But that also explains why the price of KING must keep rising. Sorry, but it's ridiculously low, anyway. Obviously, the examples below are only a sample of what my clients got and you cannot see any indicators in the screenshots below, as, quite understandably, only the KING clients have this privilege.

Fig 1.

Fig 2.

Fig 3.

So are you ready to be a stalker? Or are you just too square for that? Well, the square people and other timid creatures don't make good traders, so you better get oval ...