Because it's an honest offer. In one sentence.

Allow me to elaborate, though. In just a few points. And in a few more comments.

1. KING was created by a successful trader who has studied and traded financial markets for over 20 years now and has traded e-mini futures markets for more than half of that time. There is evidence for that as my very first site created in 1995 was dedicated to futures markets, while this site dedicated primarily to day trading e-mini futures has been around for over 10 years already.

2. It works very well as demonstrated by me over many years, including through hundreds of trades (over 1700 now) whose results have been tweeted by me in near real-time for literally everyone to see.

3. Not expensive if you compare it to similar products on the market, especially those with much less evidence that they work (or no such evidence at all).

4. It's a discretionary trading methodology and not some gimmick "system" which surprises you by actually not being a proper system because you still need to use discretion and which was not tested systematically because you cannot actually do it if discretion is assumed.

5. You can do exceptionally well with it, with plenty of evidence to back this assertion up. This is rather rarely, if at all, possible with other similar trading methodologies whose authors simply do not grasp the power of discretion for this sort of understanding is only possible if you are an experienced, competent trader and not just another marketer who comes up with new products every other year. KING is meant to be your first and last day trading course and it can be if you take it seriously. It has been for many.

As a trader, you need to think in terms of probabilities. With so much evidence that KING can deliver, the odds that you will succeed with it are obviously much better than the odds that you will succeed with a trading course (methodology) that has not been proven to the same extent of time, but merely promises to be easy. Or attractive in some other superficial way that may appeal to your laziness.

I do not know if KING can be best described as easy. It will be for some, less so for others. Some proven to be very quick learners with KING, others need more time to appreciate its value. This varies from one person to another and it is to be expected.

But with so much evidence that KING can make you money, it is a better bet than all those "easy" trading methodologies that "every investment moron is supposed to make money with." If you are buying into this kind of spiel, you are a moron and, no, you will not make money because trading is really not for morons. In fact, why exactly would like to do business with anyone who insinuates that you may be a moron?

I would rather trust those who appeal to my intelligence and self-esteem than those who appeal to my emotions and lower instincts. If you are like me, KING is, again, a better offer for you than most of its competitors.

If someone ever showed me what's possible with KING, I would not haggle about the price. I would not think twice either. I would get it and I would do everything what it takes to become the best KING trader ever. That's precisely how successful KING traders think because that's how successful people think.

Posted on July 17th, 2016.