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The buyer agrees to purchase George Collection from Waldemar Puszkarz subject to the following basic terms and conditions.

The buyer understands that the information about the system collection is legally privileged and confidential. The buyer is hereby notified and accepts that any dissemination, distribution, or reselling of this information in any form is strictly prohibited.

The purchase is not refundable for the reasons mentioned in the product description page.

The buyer understands that the data used to represent the performance of the systems is hypothetical in nature. The buyer has read and understands the disclaimer associated with trading mechanical systems posted on this site.

The systems, while profitable in the past, are not in any way guaranteed to be profitable in the future. Past results are not indicative of future performance.

There are no implied warranties of any nature associated with this product.

The price of the system collection is temporarily just $200.

We accept payments via Paypal.

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