KING - More results

This page presents some more screenshots showing daily profits of my first mentoree, Katherine, achieved after she had started trading using my ideas and support. Most pictures show her results in YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures, but there is one showing results in ES, the S&P 500 e-mini market.

The trades were taken using Bracket Trader, one of the platforms I recommend for using with the Interactive Brokers TWS.

And then, there is also a video, which comes next, showing all 30 or so screenshots like the ones you see below. They come from the period of 5 (yes, five!) consecutive winning weeks mentioned here. I thought this was the most effective way to show them all.

Here follow the screenshots.

Another ES day

Her best YM day in July

Her toughest day

Her second best daily result

Her best daily result

Let's now hear from Katherine herself ...

" I thought you would be delighted to hear of yet another daily record of mine. It's very recent. I set it just yesterday. All trades, 30, with one contract only. BTW, the previous record involved 4 trades with two contracts, so altogether 29 contracts were used on 9-11-08.

I am doing really well, but usually go for $250 or so a day as was the case today (see another screenshot attached to this message). It takes me about 10-15 trades to get there and I am done in 2 hours or less."

- Kathy

While Kathy is kind enough to give me a lot of credit for her success, I believe that she owes it to herself much more than she owes it to me, although I am certainly very happy to have been of some help.

Katherine has also sent me a bigger shot that shows all her trades on an ordinary day when she trades for 250 bucks or so. That's the one below and it came with this e-mail.