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PLEASE READ - (5/31/2021) - KING is undergoing changes, including in its price structure, that will result in higher prices quite justifiable (and long overdue) considering that this is truly one of the kind discretionary e-mini futures trading course that has helped quite a few build successful trading businesses. It is now being offered as KING - New Formula. In addition to KING - Basic Formula, that you can purchase below, it includes individual mentoring on a forum (an extra $1000, arranged individually - ask when available next). For the time being, KING - Basic Formula can be purchased separately from the mentoring program, so that as many self-learners as possible can take advantage of it. Once you have purchased it, you can decide if you need mentoring.

At this point, you can purchase KING - Basic Formula that includes KING, George IV/George Collection, and standard indicators for Sierra Chart. The videos that come with the course will be downloaded separately through the link provided once you have downloaded the text files. The custom indicators will be issued later as for this I need some information from you regarding your charting software installations. The custom indicators for all charting platforms KING supports (Sierra Chart, TradeStation, MultiCharts, and NinjaTrader) are now $100 per first set. At this point, only the custom indicators for TradeStation and NinjaTrader 8 are available.

The buyer agrees to purchase KING, a discretionary e-mini day trading methodology (for simplicity also referred to as "system"), from Waldemar Puszkarz subject to the following terms and conditions.

The buyer understands that the data used to represent the performance of the system should be considered hypothetical in nature, which means that the results shown on this site may not be representative of the buyer's individual performance. While the results featured on this site are possible and have been achieved in real-time trading, the individual performance is bound to vary.

The buyer has read and understands the disclaimer associated with trading mechanical systems posted on this site. See also below.

The buyer understands that the information about the system is legally privileged and confidential. The buyer is hereby notified and accepts that any dissemination, distribution, or reselling of this information in any form is strictly prohibited.

The system, while profitable in the past, is not in any way guaranteed to be profitable in the future. Past results are not indicative of future performance.

The purchase of this product is not refundable.

There are no implied warranties of any nature associated with this product. The product is offered for educational purposes and not as trading advice.

The price of the product (KING - Basic Formula) is temporarily just $1200.

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