KING - KING's future revisited

A little over three years ago, in March 2010, I published an article in this very section of additional articles for prospective and current users of KING, a popular e-mini futures trading course or emini trading methodology. Three years ago, this trading course was less than a year and half old, and so many things were still in its future.

In particular, as you can see from the article mentioned, KING was still awaiting the arrival of its first videos. Its price was still less than 1000 dollars. It was $900 according to the article, although I recall it as being $800 around that time, but it was certainly $900 later that year.

I was still promising custom indicators for Sierra Chart and Amibroker.

Let us look what has changed over these three years and how many things have been accomplished beyond many new educational documents that even back then were already a standard feature of KING, a part of its continued education and they kept coming in 2010, 2011, and also in 2012. It is only in 2013 that I stopped producing them. Not only because there are already many of them, but also because I really want to take this education to a trading forum, where it can become even more effective, and so I chose to make 2013 the year of the forum and once the forum is up and running, I will resume my educational duties.

For starters, this fine e-mini trading course now comes with a whole bunch of videos, as many as 26 at this point.

Custom made Sierra Chart indicators for KING have been available since October 2010. I have also delivered similar indicators for NinjaTrader 7, MultiCharts, and TradeStation. The indicators for the last two platforms were a bit of a mistake, I am afraid, from the business point of view. I invested some time in their development, yet very few people eventually bought them. But I promised them, so I did deliver. I also was planning custom indicators for Amibroker, but changed my mind. Not a single person, to the best of my recollection, showed interest in them, so I think it makes little sense to develop them. Regretfully, I must add, because I think Amibroker is a very fine piece of software, very competitively priced as well.

I believe, though, that indicators for four major popular charting platforms is enough, particularly that the number of KING copies still available becomes smaller ans smaller every month and I do not intend to sell more than 200 copies of it. Just as I intended it back in 2010, so that's one of the few things that has not changed since then.

The other major things that have not changed since then include my plans for a KING trading forum (that I would like to make available to many other e-mini futures traders later on) and a KING trading room. The latter will depend heavily on the interest in the former. I would like to avoid another mistake of spending a lot of time on something only a handful would be interested in. That's just not a sound business approach, not to mention that I can trade just fine without a trading room, perhaps even better as trading in the trading room would certainly impose some limitations on my trading style that suits me more than fine these days.

Before the forum is open for good, I would like to upgrade the KING indicators, at least for NinjaTrader 7, the platform most widely used by the KING students.

While I do not expect to be selling KING beyond 2014, the KING e-mini trading forum will remain a hub for all KING students who choose to join it and I expect it to become popular among many other e-mini futures traders, though the latter will never be allowed in the quarters for KING students.

I strongly believe that the best days are still ahead for KING and so if you are considering its purchase, now is still a very good time to do so.

When the forum arrives, KING's price will go up to $1600 and the very last copies may even reach the price of $2000. Buying sooner means buying at a better price. And if you check the 2010 article again, you will see that I was not hiding the fact that the price was bound to go only up. And so it did, gradually, but steadily. Buying KING also gives you a chance to participate in its trading room when it eventually arrives. And I hope it does.

Posted on July 8th, 2013.