KING - Replying to David's e-mails

I answer quite a few emails every month and some of these replies turn out to be more elaborate than others, although I tend to be comprehensive in my replies no matter how many questions I have to answer. Obviously, it's somewhat easier to be comprehensive answering just one as opposed to, say, four or more questions.

I don't mind answering questions at all, as long as they come from people I believe I can help. In fact, I even prefer to deal with those who ask questions before they decide to purchase KING as this tells me that they like to be well informed. And there is nothing wrong wrong with that. Just the opposite, for this shows some interest in KING and intelligence on the part of my correspondent. Quite often, I simply direct them to the KING FAQ, but in other cases, I choose to give a more elaborate answer.

Trading emini futures is not easy, so you definitely want to be well informed before you start. This website is meant to help you with that via many educational articles as is KING, although the latter is not free, but not necessarily awfully expensive either.

In September 2011, I exchanged a few emails with a man from Asia (Indonesia, to be more specific) who seemed to be interested in KING and asked several questions. Since not all them were very standard, and hence they might not have been answered in the extensive KING FAQ, I decided to elaborate a bit on the issues he brought up in his correspondence.

What follows is two of my emails that I sent him in response to his questions. One is so long that to show it in its full glory I had to take two screenshots (see here and here). The other is briefer. I think you can figure out from these emails what his questions were (more or less) and even if not, I am convinced that, at the very least, you will get a better idea about KING and my vendor business by reading them. 

You may notice that these e-mails are quite elaborate, especially the first one. That's pretty much in the spirit of this website, which is full of information (no bragging intended), and so it should not come as a big surprise that KING is a comprehensive course, too. You don't have to use all the material in it, but there is more just in case or to be useful if you decide to explore more than just the basics, although even the basics can be enough to get you started towards a successful day trading career. 

There is another article in this section that features my emails to prospective clients, but my replies to David were so elaborate and the issues he brought novel enough that I thought they deserved their own article.