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I got an email from one of my clients who basically urges me to market this stock trading report more aggressively. Well, perhaps he is right, not to mention that it is never a bad idea to listen to your clients. It was because of this that I asked him if I could use his email to show others that perhaps my method can be of use for them as well.

Here is a screenshot showing his email whose text is included below as well.

Hi Wally,

I read your report and muct say that is exactly what you said it would be. No fluff, no hype, just a simple solid trading strategy. I liked it.

I think I will make money with it. You are right that it is a method for traders with a longer perspective whicxh is fine fine with me. I am not someone who after an instant gratification.

I wish though that you marketed this report more aggressively, but perhaps that is not your style. I am saying this because if you had I would have probably bought it a long time ago.

In any case, thanks again and good luck with your trdaing.


Now, let me comment a bit on this email. As you see, it is not one of those ├╝berglowing testimonials (not a "I was blown away" type) that are so common on the Internet these days. It is a testimonial from someone who knew what he wanted and was pleased that he got it.

Sure, I could probably be more aggressive in my marketing, but I believe in the saying that "when a student is ready, a teacher appears." I don't believe in pushing my stuff on those who are not ready yet. And they may never be as the allure of frequent trading is too strong for many traders to overcome. This is not a method for them, but it is a good method for anyone who wants to trade in a safe and selective manner. It is a good method for everyone who wants some extra edge in their trading. It may not be cheap, but I like it too much to give it away for less.

But, on the other hand, is $175 really such a high price? Hardly so. Many a trading chat room charges that much in one monthly subscription which is usually not refundable, not even in principle. For the same amount, I give you a solid trading method that will serve you well for a lifetime and if it does not make you money, which is highly unlikely, you are entitled to a refund.

Everything is relative and if you approach it this way, you can find the price of $175 to be quite reasonable in this case.

More than a decade later ...

And here's some more, a much more recent testimonial, or two (in a way), actually, both from the same customer.

I posted the first of them in the form of this screenshot on Twitter months ago (it's from June 2020), so it's not entirely new. The top part of this picture contains my response to this customer (DJB are his initials), the lower part contains his e-mail. And here's a follow-up from him, even shorter than the first message (you could probably tell it by his writing style), that reached my e-mail box in April 2022, and which says that he is still using the method, and clearly enyoing it even more.

Incidentally, he got this method for only $75, when I was offering some special, and it just happens that when I am writing this (June 2022), you too could get it at this price and even help the poor Ukrainian refugees that fled their country from the ongoing Russian aggression for I decided to support them from these sales.

Last updated on June 5th, 2022.

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