Curious cities

This site, though dedicated only to a rather small trading niche of day trading e-mini futures markets, draws traffic from all over the world. This probably should not come as a huge surprise because trading e-mini futures is a very attractive business that you can start with a relatively small investement of $5000 or so, which means that even those from less wealthy countries can afford it. Some of my KING customers come from Russia, hardly the wealthiest country even by world standards, let alone European ones, if one measures its wealth in terms of the GDP per capita.

But most of my visitors, and customers as well, hail from the developed countries, and primarily from the USA. You can see it better when you look at the top 10 cities in terms of the number of visits to this site over the past 30 days ending on September 7th, 2013. That's the picture right below.

Curious cities, the top 10 cities most frequently visiting

As you can see from it, 6 out of the 10 of these cities are in the US, and the rest are also in the English speaking world, and all of them are in the highly developed countries such as Canada, the UK, Australia, and Singapore, which is also a city itself.

It's not surprising at all that traffic sent by New York City tops the list. It's the largest, most populous city in the US. It is also not particularly surprising that the second on this list is Los Angeles, where I also happen to reside at this time. And neither should be the fact that 3 of these cities are in California for it is the most populous US state.

While this site, having been around for nearly 8 years now, is hardly a new exciting kid on the block, the rate of returning visitors still remains pretty good, fluctuating around 30%, and since the site makover in mid June staying steadily above it.

Posted on September 11th, 2013.