E-mini trading education

This is an educational section that can be of particular use to those new to trading e-mini futures markets. It is aimed at those interested in day trading.

As such it offers an introduction to e-mini futures and their trading. You will find it in a sub-section called E-mini basics. For those interested in more advanced topics, there is a sub-section with inexpensive e-mini courses, E-mini courses, offered as e-books that can be downloaded online.

You will also find here specifications of the most popular e-mini futures contracts currently available for trading.

  E-mini basics

You will find here the most basic information about e-mini futures without which it is simply impossible to even start trading these highly leveraged instruments. MORE

  E-mini courses

This section features some inexpensive trading courses, offered as e-books, dealing largely if not primarily with trading e-mini futures. MORE

  E-mini specifications

In this section, you will find specifications, such as the ticker, the tick size, and the tick value, for the most popular e-mini futures contracts traded these days. MORE