I am not always impressed by what most vendors have to offer not to mention the price they slap on their products. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions to this rule. This is the page that talks about such exceptions. They will fall into two categories, at least to begin with: Trading strategies and Trading software.

This page was in part created in response to a number of questions I have received from the members of my group, now gone forever along with all the other Yahoo! groups.

  Trading strategies

For years, I have been promoting here some products from Clickbank, quite selflessly, if I may say so, as it was not necessarily the best thing to do businesswise. But these days neither is Clickbank what it used to be nor are their trading products anywhere as good as they were, so I decided not to recommend here anything from other vendors until I find something that would be at least as good as the old offers. But, by all means, feel free to check out my own products, especially KING, my flagship trading product, a popular e-mini futures trading course, and Easy Money in Stocks. I can recommend those safely.

  Trading software

The software that I recommend here has been around for many years, if not decades, now and it has stood the test of time. I know it well and have used it more or less extensively. Some may be only for Interactive Brokers, a popular brokerage, but others can work with many more brokers or data providers out there.

Sierra Chart
Unquestionably, my favorite charting software for trading. For some time now, also a trading platform supported by many brokerages. It's inexpensive, offers a rich selection of trading indicators and lets you arrange charts in a more flexible manner than most other products of the same kind do, which makes it particularly suitable for day trading. The support is quite good and prompt through a forum for a large community of users, including some C++ programmers that can help you implement still other indicators in addition to those in standard packages. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The charting package and excellent trading platform widely popular among day traders, one of the first trading platforms I have ever used for day trading e-mini futures. Now in its eight edition and more powerful than ever. It is totally free for charting and analysis as well as for simulated trading. It can be useful for developing custom indicators with its own specialized scripting language.

This is a comprehensive package for technical analysis designed by a very competent programmer. The developer support is outstanding. Considering the price and the software capabilities it is very hard to find something even close to it on the market. I own an older version of the software, although I practically do not use it these days, but plan to return to it in future to develop my e-mini futures systems for automated trading.

Bracket Trader
This is already a legendary piece of software, the first front-end for the Interactive Brokers TWS that has made the life of so many traders so much easier. The free version of the software allows you to trade ES, but you can get the registered version forever for only $100 or so with which you can trade many other markets. This is an excellent deal.

ZeroLine Trader
Yet another very good and intelligently designed piece of software that serves as a front-end for the Interactive Brokers TWS. The simulator is free and the commercial version of the software is only $120 a year which makes it very competitive. Now it also has some basic charting capabilities. The software is very well supported by a responsive and flexible developer.