The essential ingredients of successful e-mini day trading

Day trading e-mini futures markets can be a very lucrative occupation. And while you can do this from the convenience of your home, it's very important to approach it as a business and not just some costly hobby. In fact, only those who treat this occupation strictly as a business truly succeed in it as opposed to getting lucky for a while. Even a longer while.

There are some important elements that anyone thinking about day trading needs to know about. Some ingredients that determine success or failure in this business or, as matter of fact, in any business, for they are universal, even though specifics do differ from one business to another.

In any solid successful business venture, it all starts with a sensible plan. Day trading e-mini futures is no different in this respect. You need to have a plan of which markets to trade with what tools and strategies. Obviously, this means planning for your expenses on such tools and strategies, planning for drawdowns that are impossible to avoid and thus having a cushion to withstand them. You should also have some idea of how much you will make on your investment and to this end running tests is of paramount importance. It makes little sense to start trading live if you are not successful in a simulated trading.

A successful business person has a strong belief system. It's the mental foundation of success. The same is certainly also true of successful traders. Successful business people, just like winning traders, are optimists. They have faith in their skills and faith in the future of their business. They avoid self-defeating thoughts that their environment is bound to give rise to. They are dedicated to overcoming any obstacles they encounter.

However, even with the best plan and the most solid mental grounding, your success may still be very elusive unless you buttress it with sharp focus and unwavering self-discipline.

Both focus and the quality of one's belief system depend on a variety of things, the most important of which seems to be one's lifestyle. To be more specific, it is how you nourish your body and your mind that determines your mental and physical energy levels. Working out, particularly if done in a systematic manner, is known to boost not only your stamina, but your brain power as well. The same goes true for right food and the right amount of sleep. Meditation, taking vitamin supplements, especially those of group B that regulate mood and energy, can also help.

Viewed this way, day trading e-minis is hardly only a function of having right trading strategies. Sometimes even with the best strategies but not enough focus or belief in one's ability to execute them, it's possible to end up a failure.