Is trading e-mini futures for you?

No, it's not.

Now, that would be a short answer and as you see I can be quite succinct. And even though I meant this half in jest, it is the correct answer for most people out there. Simply because most people will not succeed at trading e-mini futures. Or even stocks, for that matter.

The reason is rather simple too: this is a very competitive business and only the most competitive will succeed. Which rules out about 90% of the human population. Yes, let's be painfully honest here: some people are not even computer savvy enough to start this business. You don't have to know how to program in C++ or C# or any other higher programming language, although this may prove very useful indeed, to be able to launch a successful trading career, but since your tool is a computer, you need to be able to use it well. Computer dummies should not apply.

But let's assume that you are no stranger to computers and so this should not be a problem. So far so good then. But that was actually the smallest obstacle to overcome on your way to become a successful emini trader. There are much bigger ahead.

Do you have the mental apptitude to succeed in this business? The market is merciful and there is no room for any office politics to work things out. You are either right or wrong. There is no other way. No amount of persuasion will convince Mr. Market to give you back what you just lost. You have to fight constantly and be prepared to lose and be humilated more often than other mortals. If you can take it, and most cannot, you are one step closer to your success as an e-mini futures trader.

Now you only need a good strategy. One that could make money and that would suit your trading personality. Finding such a strategy can be an elaborate process. Once this step is completed, though, you still need to see if it makes money in real trading. Sometimes, and probably more often than not, many wannabe traders end their careers right here. So close to the success. Practically one step away from it. This is so because they do not find their strategy good enough. And that's how the trek to the Holy Grail starts. The journey to the land where only perfect strategies live.

The legend about this land is not unlike the legend about the Atlantis. Mesmerizing, but still only a legend. Such a land does not exist, but the belief in it is so strong that many a wannabe trader ends up searching for it forever instead of trading. There are no perfect strategies. And the sooner one realizes this, the better. Stick to what is good enough. Stick to what works even if it is far from what you would like to be using. Simply master it as well as possible and you will be on your way to solid profits.

Yet, despite all these obstacles, I do strongly believe that everyone can succeed at trading e-minis. Everyone who really wants to, that is. Which still excludes 90 % of humans, but it can include you. As long as you really want it badly enough.