A long overdue update

This site has not been updated in a while, which to most people interested in its operations has been no mystery. They have known that I have been rather active on Twitter and on my blog, and if they have ever wanted to get in touch with me, they could have always reached me via e-mail.

Still, I have indeed been taking a bit of a (longer) break, at least when it comes to keeping this site updated, due to a reason or two, but I am now returning to being more active in this area as well, though probably not as much as before for much of what I may ever want to communicate through this site can be done more easily through the said blog or that glorious Twitter channel of mine than through a static site like this one.

In this first update after two years and a bit (time does fly, doesn't it?), let me first of off all bring your attention to a very special KING offer: $1000. That means $400 off the regular price! Now, that's practically insane, but for the next three copies only or until the last day of January 2021.

Yes, KING is being officially offered again. However, since it is being sold at a discount, please send me this amount by Paypal (my Paypal ID is my business e-mail address: emini_methods@yahoo.com), and I will promptly promptly provide you with links to download all the stuff. If you don't have a Paypal account, but would like to pay via a credit card, contact me by e-mail too, and we will work something out (through e-junkie and Paypal).

The insanity mentioned has to do not as much with that recent plague called Covid, which will be over soon, as it does with this site's very (semi)round 15th anniversary. Yes, this site was launched in December 2005. Most new businesses do not survive beyond their first year of operation (about 90% of them, I hear), so those 15 years means a lot. At least, to me. I do sincerely hope to run this site for at least another 5 more years, but 10 would be even nicer, and it's not out of the question at all.

Let me also mention another great offer. It's my unique stock trading method. It aims at identifying cheap fundamentally sound stocks in the US markets. It is regularly priced at $175, but until the end of January 2021, you can have it for only $100, or even $75, if you have bought KING before.

I'd like to add that not all custom indicators for KING are available at this point; only for TradeStation. Since KING uses standard (native to Sierra Chart) indicators, if you choose to use KING with this software, which is also highly recommended, you will be fine. But, since the indicators are fully disclosed, you can also port them to any platform of your choice, which some of KING traders do, although most prefer the custom made indicators for the four platforms that KING supports.

Still, those neat custom KING indicators for Sierra Chart as well as for NinjaTrader and MultiCharts are coming soon, but probably not for all these platforms by the end of 2020, I am afraid. They should come by the end of the first quarter of 2021, at the latest. By then, I really want to have my business fully operational. It has not been, to be honest, for the last 12 months or so, due to a longer break I decided to take, but also due to some adverse developments beyond my control that took place in that time too.

I apologize for not being faster with the custom indicators, but I have been busy with more than one project lately, too many perhaps, and the Covid issue has also put a damper on my efforts. Things are coming back, though, even if a bit slowly.

This site is being updated and revamped a little and this will continue for a while, probably for another few weeks, at least, but eventually, it will be as up to date as it was a year or two ago. Or, perhaps even more. Then also a new version of KING will be released, free of charge to all who have bought it with George IV, and with some small extra charge to all other KING owners, who are in minority at this point. This version, in particular, will include materials from the first two KING mentoring sessions conducted on a dedicated Yahoo! group. Sadly, Yahoo! groups are all gone now, but I have downloaded these materials into a special file, if only to preserve this piece of the history of KING development.

Posted on December 22th, 2020.