Business update

A bit in terms of a business update may be in order, now that the new version of this site has been around for a while, since around June 14th, 2013, to be precise. I may keep adding to this article with more updates like the first one to follow right below.

August 4th, 2013

A few things have happened since the release of the new version of this site. The traffic in the returning visitors have crossed the 40% threshold and stayed there for a while. That's a pretty high number. The time spent per visit have also gone quite a bit. The positions of this site in major search engines for keywords relevant to its business, meaning related to e-mini futures trading first and foremost, have also gone largely up.

But this site is only one of my online business properties that I tend to these days. I have a few more as you can see from my contact page, but most are not used by me very often. The ones I do post to much more often than to others are my main emini futures blog and my Twitter account.

Concerning the latter, the number of my Twitter followers have reached a new record recently, 132! That's hardly an astronomical number, but at least my followers are not fake, something that I love stressing because the fakiness and manipluation are rampant on the web these days. Whenever I see a guy with thousands of Twitter followers who follows less than 10% of this number, I am pretty sure he is buying them or did so in the past, save for a few rare exceptions that only prove the rule. Yes, there are places on the web that offer "genuine" Twitter followers for a right price.

I now use Twitter to post updates on my trades, and I do this usually within a minute or two after a trade completion as I explain in this article and mention also in another one that includes a video. But I started posting these updates even before this site's major upgrade, if only a few weeks before.

My main e-mini futures blog continues to attract more and more visitors with frequent posts, usually 10 or more a month. I must say that I am now posting there more than on this site, not surprisingly perhaps if you consider that it's easier to post on a dynamically updated site than on a static site as the one you are reading. It has now 4 followers, a truly stratospheric number. Heck, it had only 1 last year, so that's some progress, no?

I keep posting my daily e-mini futures trading results reports in the results section of this site. I have recently posted the 100th such a report this year, but, more importantly, the 500th in total since I started doing so about 5 years ago. I doubt I will reach the 600th, but who knows? If I still keep selling KING next year, I may be able to reach this number. But since KING keeps selling pretty well and the number of copies I intend to sell is limited, this is rather unlikely to happen.

Posted on August 4th, 2013.