Why you may never see another mechanical e-mini trading systems from me

Besides George IV, which is the only quality trading system of this kind that I am still offering on my site, that is, mechanical and objective. And pretty simple to execute too, if I may say so, not hard to learn either unless you are not much of a learner in the first place.

Well, the reason is pretty much this. It pays better off to sell them to a friendly hedge fund that I have been collaborating with for some time now. The main disruptors of finer things in my life, as I may sometimes think of them; while I really don't complain, my progress with a trading forum would have been greater had it not been for this collaboration. But that's fine; just one of the trade-offs you often need to make in life.

George V was the first system they bought from me and asked me to remove it from the retail circulation for a certain amount of money that will remain undisclosed. It was a relatively new system and I did not sell that many copies of it because at that time I was not tracking its performance very closely. But they did, and some of my retail customers (mostly of the KING crowd) did so too and so I was aware that it was pretty decent system.

I believe they might have added some improvements to it, perhaps used it for other markets too, not only Dow Jones e-mini futures that it was originally designed for.

Mechanical trading systems may not be the best choice for the retail crowd. I think KING is better in this respect. But KING and George IV is still even better and that's why now the latter is part of KING - New Formula and not merely an optional thing.

But, I still have quite a bunch of mechanical trading systems that I have never published, and I doubt they will be of interest to my friends with deep pockets, so who knows. I may one day start offering them on this site. But not sooner that I am done with KING, which means probably not sooner than in 2017 or so.

Even the retail crowd can benefit from a simple trading system or two. If only as educational tools.

Posted on July 26th, 2015.