George IV - e-mini day trading system

Busy with KING, I stopped recording George IV's performance in late 2009. Also, due to decreased volatility (compared to 2007-2008), I was not expecting it to perform as well as before. But I have re-started tracking its performance, convinced that it may still perform well as a pure mechanical system. Indeed, the first 10 trades of 2014 turned out to be all resounding winners! It was a good year for this system overall, with a 76% winning rate for its primary market, ES. So was 2015, albeit not as good, and 2016 has been shaping nicely as well. Applying discretion, especially when using it with KING, may be even better, though. Because of that, George IV is now being offered also as a set of strategies rather than only a mechanical trading system that it was originally designed to be. As a mechanical system, it comes with over 4 years of sound back performance and I do keep using its elements for my own trading, which is exclusively discretionary these days. In fact, these very same elements are part of the outstanding KING methodology, so by purchasing it, you would be getting a bit of a glimpse into KING as well. In fact, the system is now part of KING - New Formula launched recently. The system original price was only $175. It reached $300 before I stopped tracking it systematically. Right now the price is $400 and may only go up. The system comes with a special bonus that is perhaps worth $400 in its own right. This system is now offered as part of the George Collection, that includes 3 more systems, which is an even better deal. In other words, buying the system gets you the whole 4 system package!! If you purchased KING before without George IV, you can get this system for only $100, including the bonus and the other systems as well.

George IV, the way it is formulated and presented here is an objective, purely mechanical trading system, but if you choose so, you can also use it as a strategy by taking its calls and modifying them to suit your target and stop-loss parameters or in some other way. Either way, since the underlying idea of the system is that of a strong trend bias, as long as you stick to this idea as a guiding principle of initiating your position, you should do well with it.

The strong bias that I am talking about here does not occur in the market every day as most markets trend well only about 30% of the time, but when it does, exploiting it very often leads to extremely profitable trades.

The system was designed for the ES market, but the idea it is based on is universal and thus adapting it to other e-mini markets of US stock indices should not be a problem as the system is fully disclosed. In fact, in the first 6 months of 2008, the system did quite well in YM, the Dow Jones e-mini market, as you can see here.

Here are the results (so you don't think I am pulling your leg) from the last few months before the system release (for ES):

July 2007: 50.75 pts with 7 trades

August 2007: 42.25 pts with 8 trades

September 2007: -2.75 pts with 7 trades

October 2007: 54.50 pts with 10 trades

November 2007: 63.00 pts with 9 trades

For more extensive results, that include many months after the system release, please see this page.

As a brief reminder: 20 pts is $1000 for one single contract. More contracts, more money.

The market bias is what successful traders want to have on their side before initiating a trade. If you do not know what the market is most likely to do, why on Earth would you want to put a trade on? It's the bias of market participants that rules the markets and the stronger this bias is, the more likely you are to make money by taking advantage of it. You have only two choices when facing the pesky Mr. Market: either to go where he wants to take you and make big bucks in the process or to keep squabbling with him and suffer. What's even more, on some days, especially those with a strong trend, being against Mr. Market is like trying to pick nickels in front of a fast approaching monster truck. Yes, you might be able to do this, but isn't it better to simply jump on the truck and ride it all the way to the bank? If you really aspire to donate your organs to some other fellow out there, surely there must be smarter, not to mention, more dignified ways to do this than by getting oneself turned into a pancake by a monster truck, don't you think so? And who, by the way, would want your organs after that, anyway? While I am, obviously, being facetious, I am also trying to make a serious and important point: there are better and worse ways of making money trading. You want to learn and use the better ones, the ones that require less effort and work well. This way is one of the most effortless and effective you will ever see. I have used it in various incarnations over the last few years, so I know that it works.

Here is, in summary, what this system does for you:

1. it identifies a strong trend bias in the market that can be very profitably exploited,

2. it tells you exactly when to open your position in the market,

3. it tells you how to take your profits,

4. it offers one of the most effortless and effective ways to solid profits you will ever see.

It may also make you much more popular with the opposite sex (or whatever sex that you might be after), but I will count this as a side effect ...

Warning! You are about to see two pictures showing two of more recent trades called by the system. Please proceed with caution and hold your socks tight for these pictures tend to knock them off. They are here and here. Now, if you like what you see, don't forget to stop by the order section.

When you order this system from me, you will receive its complete description contained in a 10 page long PDF file, two more PDF documents elaborating on the system features (not at all necessary to understand the system, but quite useful nevertheless), an Excel spreadsheet with trades and comments on them, a folder with a few pictures showing the system in action, and chart templates for Sierra Chart, NinjaTrader, and Quoteracker, if you decide to use these charting packages to trade the system.

The system is so simple that its basics can be described on just one sheet of paper with some room to spare, and I mean it literally. The check list of the system's all strategies is not even one page long. Still, to present its features properly, one needs to be more elaborate, so the system manual is nine pages long rather than just one.

I will also be available to answer your questions by email, but since the system is so simple, I seriously doubt you will ever need this kind of support. Please allow 24 hours for a response.

I am committed to monitoring the system behavior to see if any improvements could be found. When this turns out to be the case, I will issue an upgrade to the system that all of its owners will receive for free. Since markets do change, some adjustments or even small modifications are not out of ordinary and are warranted as long as they do not happen too often as that would indicate that the system does not cope well.

And if this were not enough, I added a bonus, Georgette II, that contains a trading method others sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars. This method can be used on the days when George IV is dormant or as a way to enter (add to) the position in a pullback on the days when George IV issues a signal.

Here is, once more, what the whole package contains:

1. the system description,

2. the trade spreadsheet,

3. several pictures showing the system in action,

4. two more documents presenting the system in detail,

5. the chart templates to be used with the system,

6. the right to my email support,

7. the right to free upgrades,

8. the highly priced bonus, Georgette II.

The system uses only two very basic indicators, just two moving averages, and relies on some very simple formulas that you can do on your calculator although these days almost all charting packages have predefined functions that plot these numbers on your chart.

The system is not over-optimized. It contains only two essential parameters: the size of the stop-loss and the size of the target. It is impossible to over-optimize the system if you have so few parameters to play with. Moreover, the system works quite well for smaller targets, so it should work well during months when volatility is decreased.

There is usually only one trade a day and once you put it on, your target either gets hit or you exit your position at the end of the daily session, unless you happened to get stopped sooner. As you see, managing the trade is as easy as putting it on and checking its status seconds before the daily session close. If you can do this, you can be on your way to profits.

Here is again, in a nutshell, how neat this system is:

1. not over-optimized,

2. uses only very few and very basic indicators,

3. trades only several times a month,

4. generates no more than one trade a day on most occasions,

5. very easy to manage,

6. highly profitable.

Trading does not have to be tough or complicated and if you approach it in a smart way, it is not. That's the way I am offering you here: the smart way.

Please remember also that you really don't have to use this system as recommended, that is, in its strictly mechanical form. You can simply take its idea, and it's a very solid one, and apply it as a strategy in any way that suits you better. What's important is that it's so much easier, not to mention, more profitable to trade when you have Mr. Market watch your back and tell you what to do. And that's what the idea behind this system virtually guarantees. The main reason I am presenting this idea in the form of a fully mechanical, objective system rather than just as a strategy is to enhance its credibility. You are certainly more likely to trust something that is formulated in an objective and mechanical way as opposed to just a bunch of more or less intelligent rules which may or may not make you money. Another reason is simply to show its potential. And the potential it does have ... You can't argue with that!

I wish I had a strategy like that at my disposal when I was starting my day trading career. It would have shortened my learning curve by at least 6 months. Remember this when you check the price. If you are new to this game, is it worth saving you some half a year? I would think so. But even if you are not new to this field, you still may learn a thing or two from what I have to offer.

Just a few days after the system release, I received a letter from John Schwab who had purchased a copy of the system. John was kind enough to allow me to use his letter as a testimonial of sorts. If there is anything that this letter from John shows, it is that there are more people out there who share my trust in this system. While John was indeed lucky to have a big winner on his first trade, I don't think it was his last one with this system. (I was proven right about it only a few days later when John scored yet another 10 pts in a trade that was inspired by the system.)

Here is this letter (its screenshot can be seen here):


I am really excited after my first trade. Half a grand! Who can complain about that? With one contrcat only. I must say I was a bit nervous about putting this trade on because at that time the market was already pretty extended. Silly me. I know, I know... one should always trust the system and take all the calls. Second guessing is bad. Fortunately I took the trade and now I am a total believer.

I may even be buying George II soon. Who can say I can't afford it now? I nvere made that much money with one contract before. You know all those gurus only brag how you can be doing it with their stuff (for $3,000 at least), but that never worked for me. And here I did that with a system that cost me only $175.

Thanks a lot. It's a tremendous feeling to finally be able to score like big dogs.

John Schwab

P.S. You should probably raise the price of the system. I am sure that many people think something that cheap is not very good. In the past, I used to think like that too.

If you want to learn how yet another of my clients is doing, please see this page.

You won't see any more testimonials here. The system has to defend itself with its performance first and foremost. And when it does so, testimonials are really not needed. I am showing you this one because I am sure that many traders, most in fact, have never ever had a 10-bagger in ES in their entire careers. And that is not because the human life span is not long enough, but rather because many of them need to graduate to tools for big boys yet. If you are ready for such a graduation, you will know what to do.

Now, I like to save the best news for the very end, so here it is: the price ...

Price: $400

Let's do some quick math here: let's take the points from the three worst months listed above, let's add them up, let's divide that by the number of trades over those three months, multiply this by $50, and let's see what we get. If your calculator is as good as mine, you should get $205.11. Now let's deduct $30 for slippage and commission and what we get is $175.11. That's how much the average trade would have produced during those three months, the worst ones! In 2014, this system made over $2,500 on its first 10 trades in ES, all of which were winners. With one contract only! What this means is that in about 3 months, you would have been paid for this system 5 times over. Not a bad deal at all, and even if the streak of 10 winners in a row does not come too often, the system definitely has the potential to pay for itself and make you some money on top of that if used for a longer while.

Check out the price again. "Sapienti sat," as ancient Romans used to say ... Translated, it means: "A hint is enough to the wise."

Any questions? Please let me know. Put "George IV" in the subject of your message.

You can order this product here. You will be able to download it right after you paid via Paypal, even if it's 3 A.M.