Yet another KING client from Singapore

There is a whole squad of them out there already, the biggest contingent of all Asian countries coming from one of the tiniest of them. The fifth one has recently joined this team. That's more than I have KING clients in Germany, the country much larger and more populous than the Lion City by an order of magnitude if not more on both counts (size and population).

KING is the most popular e-mini futures day trading product offered on this site, an e-mini day trading course of some renown, if I may say so.

Here is the latest (as of November 15th, 2015) traffic statistics to this site showing the top four countries. Singapore is number 3, but the traffic from Russia, which is number 2 on this list, is spam in over 90%. Russia, as someone once put it, is a criminal syndicate masquerading as a country, and that's just another evidence of that. I have two KING clients from Russia. One of them turned out to be a criminal. That would be another evidence.

My comments on Russia were a digression, but the reason I am showing this statistics is because as a scientist by training I have this odd habit of backing up my words with data and facts, which is also why you see so many screenshots of this kind on my site. I don't think it's a terrible habit. In fact, I sometimes wish it were more common, especially among trading vendors. Alas, that's largely wishful thinking.

Singapore is a city-state. It boasts of the population that is greater than that of Los Angeles, but the city is smaller in size than the City of Angels (see this screenshot for comparison courtesy of

It's a highly developed country that could be a great model for the rest of the world. It is the leading Asian country in human development, the 9th in the world on the Human Development Index. 9 out 10 of citizens of Singapore, that has one of the highest incomes per capita in the world, are home owners.

Among its core principles are meritocracy, multiculturalism and secularism. About 43% percent of Singapore's population, counting with non-residents, are foreign born.

These days, when multiculturalism has become a dirty word, Singapore is demonstrating that it does not have to be.

I live in a city as multicultural as Singapore (Los Angeles) and I don't see multiculturalism as a threat to my existence nor my values, which are quite Western, by the way. It does not bother me in the least that so many people here speak Spanish, which I don't.

On the contrary, I find it wonderful that so many people here are at least bilingual. I used to speak 4 languages pretty well in the past (Polish, Russian, German, English) and while these days I am merely bilingual, I do think that being multilingual (or at least bilingual) is a very rewarding experience.

Tolerance is the key to living in a multicultural society. I am afraid, though, that tolerance is on decline in the US, as evidenced, for instance, by the increasingly politically correct atmosphere on US college campuses, even of Ivy League schools such as Yale, an issue that has been discussed at length in the US media lately. Just google "microaggressions," a ridiculous, newfangled term, for more about it, the term that, if anything, shows how fragile US college students seem to be these days.

When words cannot be exchanged, bullets will.

I certainly am quite pleased (and even proud) to have so many Singaporeans among my clients. I have dedicated a special post on my main e-mini futures blog to them in the not so distant past, and I hope to have more opportunities to talk about this great country and its residents in the years to come.

Posted on November 18th, 2015.

Revised on November 19th, 2015.