KING - My e-mini trading results in 2015 - I can do it too!

This section features the 8th year of my day trading results with KING, including 9 full weeks of results or beyond, and even 2 two week periods of results.

775 - 93/2015
emini trading results #775

Well, I just thought I would finish off this week and this year, most likely, as I doubt I will be trading this year again, but who knows. The last trade was more of the George IV style, anticipating the strongly trending market to revisit the low of the day, while building a bigger position, but not really that big. The market broke down quite decisively on the second attempt, establishing a new low of the day, pretty much what I had in mind. Today marks the 10th anniversary of the day was launched. I may write more about it elsewhere. It certainly helped a few people become successful traders, but it would be not fair to attribute all their success to me or my business. It's a very individual thing, after all. Congrats to them and good luck to all old and new KING traders! Today is December 18th and that's the 93rd day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

Update: January 1st, 2016.

1. I will no longer keep posting these daily trading reports. I stopped at number 775, a semi-round number of sorts. All these 775 daily reports amount to about 36 months in total, assuming 21 reports per month. That's a lot, and very, very few vendors have ever shown that much evidence that their trading ideas work. Do your own research, if you don't believe me and don't fall for all those selective video updates because they often are meant to obfuscate things. And who the heck has the time to make those except for marketers, anyway?

2. For over 2 years I have been tweeting my trading results, and I will continue doing so from time to time through 2016, but to a lesser extent than in 2015. That's also one of the reasons why keeping these updates makes little sense because I am basically duplicating what I am doing on Twitter. I continued tweeting beyond what I posted here, reaching day 778 in total on the last day of 2015.

3. My goals in 2016 and beyond are shifting and will be focused on building a trading forum for e-mini futures traders that was started in late 2014, continuing the consulting work for some hedge fund that I have been doing for a few years now, however intermittent it was, testing new trading ideas, and personal and family issues that I have neglected over the past 10 years focusing on this business.

4. However, this business and this site are not going away. Not in the least. In fact, I have extended its domain ( for the next two years and I plan on extending it beyond that, perhaps indefinitely, in part as a free educational service to the trading community. You can also still buy KING or George IV (the former includes the latter) and these two products will be a foundation of the trading forum mentioned above, so even if they are no longer avalaible (say, some time in 2018), the community built around them is likely to survive.

774 - 92/2015
emini trading results #774

A pretty easy day. I was mixing trading with helping new KING clients. 12 trades, 10 Twitter updates with trading results. Today all the timestamps (in the screenshot) are in the time zone 1 hour earlier than the EST and not in the EST zone as is usual the case. My computer clock sometimes, though rarely, jumps an hour ahead. This happened before a few times and I mentioned it in the previous reports. Most of time I can catch it before I start trading, but sometimes it does that even during the trading time. Well, today I did not catch it until a later time, probably because I was busy with new KING clients, but decided to keep it that way because adjusting things would cause a mess. Obviously, the time stamps on Twitter were not affected by that; they show the Pacific time, my local time.This is yet another full week of trading result updates (5 trading days in a row), the 9th such a week this year. I think it's time for a break. Remember, you have only about 2 more weeks to get KING at this nice discount of $200, with all the perks that come with it and will be coming, including the right to access the KING trading forum. I will definitely re-open it next year. I have kept it up and running and paying for it, so I mean it. Today is December 17th and that's the 92nd day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

773 - 91/2015
emini trading results #773

One more daily trading report only because volatility was good, as you would expect it following another FOMC announcement. I traded after the announcement. If you want to know why it is not a good idea to trade around the announcement time (2:00 P.M. EST), check out this piece of mine. Today is December 16th and that's the 91st day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

772 - 90/2015
emini trading results #772

I was a bit slow today (too much sleep last night or something), so I tried simple things. Since George IV gave another signal, a long one this time, I decided to go long with my first trade and got 30 points out of it. Not bad at all, to put it mildly; I tend to be a modest guy and if I ever bragg it's usually to mock my competitors, all those venerable marketers, who only last year were selling used cars and today are making gazzillions trading hundreds of e-mini contracts, if you can believe the latter. And the last trade was also based on my faith in George IV. I was expecting it to bounce off of some "magic line" (as my "esteemed" competitors call such things because nothing sells like magic). I was prepared to build my position if this were necessary, but my timing was not too good (I was being a little bit sloppy). Still, even despite my slowness and stuff, things did work out well. George IV has proven again to be a good, trustworthy guide, which is why I do believe it should be used in conjunction with KING. (I just wrote a new article about it, so you may want to check it out.) However, it was not totally successful in YM today. It came only a few points from claiming a 60 point winner, but sadly eventually ended up with a small loss. Still, we got 6 points in ES. I don't know if I post more here this year (it's a holiday season after all, at least for me), but I am around, so feel free to order KING or George IV, offered at a discount until the first week of January. I will certainly report George IV results on Twitter and on its performance page that is usually updated on weekends. Today is December 15th and that's the 90th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

771 - 89/2015
emini trading results #771

My Internet connection was not particularly robust today, so I traded a bit less than I would have otherwise. This connection issue has beeng going on for some time now, intermittently, and perhaps it has something to do with the Santa Ana winds. Or perhaps with some other things. There is probably more than one reason and the provider, of course, sees no problems on their side. Anyway, another decent day, which started with 5 quickies taken within only 4 consecutive minutes to the tune of over $200. That's one of the fastest ways I have ever made $200. I doubt there are other e-mini futures trading methodologies (other than KING) that would allow you to do just that. Today is December 14th and that's the 89th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

770 - 88/2015
emini trading results #770

Another good day for George IV, which delivered two full winners (6 points in ES and 60 points in YM). Trading on a day when George IV is operating is always easier and produces good results. Today was no exception: 10 trades and over $600 in less than 50 minutes. You can't beat it with any other methodology out there. Today is December 11th and that's the 88th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

769 - 87/2015
emini trading results #769

16 trades, 10 quickies, 13 tweets with trading results updates. Not a bad day to put it mildly, and one more example of what you can do with KING on a good volatile day. Tomorrow is a rollover day, so I doubt I will be trading and I doubt I will be trading in the second half of this month. At least not much, perhaps not at all. Still, if volatility is as good as it was today, I will be very tempted to take just a few trades. It's very easy to do well with KING on days like that and one should try to take advantage of that as much as possible. Today is December 9th and that's the 87th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

768 - 86/2015
emini trading results #768

A few more trades today. George IV has delivered 2 nice wins, one in ES (6 points) and one in YM (60 points). I am pretty much sure that we will finish the year in the positive territory in YM. I am not quite sure about the other market that has been doing less well in the second half of 2015. I am talking about the conservative tracking category, the same I used last year too. But the finish line is really close ... Incidentally, I am offering a discount on this system now (until the first week of January) and it is part of KING now too, which is also being offered at discounted price this holiday season. Actually, I took 2 more trades after posting this daily report and you can find the screenshots documenting them in my Twitter media gallery. Here's the last one. Today is December 8th and that's the 86th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

767 - 85/2015
emini trading results #767

14 trades with 9 quickies, that is, trades that do not last longer than a minute. 7 of those were among the first 8 trades. The first 12 trades took place within an hour (less than 50 minutes, really) to the tune of a bit over $600. I guess that's what you call another great day with KING. I am now offering a holiday discount of $200 for it, so you may want to take advantage of that.. It's good until the first week of January. 767 is a nice palindromic number, but, alas, not a prime. I should be able to reach at least 770 this year, assuming my Internet connection does not get worse, and hopefully 800 next year. Today is December 7th and that's the 85th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

766 - 84/2015
emini trading results #766

Today, I started trading later than usual, even though I tend to trade rather late (in the afternoon, EST, as a rule). This had to do with my online connection being "broken" over the past two days. Well, it was intermmitent at best, not exactly the type of connection that facilitates good, safe trading. However, when things finally improved, I took a shot about an hour or so before the daily session close, and still managed to do quite well making $200 in about 10 minutes and well over $350 in about 25. Not bad, at all. KING does rule, especially when volatility is good, and when it is, trading using KING is like shoting fish in a barrel. In other words, totally unfair to Mr. Market, but the old bastard does not play fair either. Today is December 4th and that's the 84th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

765 - 83/2015
emini trading results #765

Another good day in December on a sunny, warm California day. I took a short break from trading at some point today to get more food and also to enjoy some sunshine. I tend to stay at home a lot, so even if I live in a very sunny place, I may not be getting as much sun exposure as I should be to keep my Vitamin D at optimal levels. Also, I have again been pretty busy consulting on some project for a friendly hedge fund that uses my expertise from time to time; this year actually quite often and that means less time outdoors. The KING and George IV special holiday offers are coming this week, so stay tuned if interested. Today is December 2nd and that's the 83rd day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

764 - 82/2015
emini trading results #764

The first trading report in December, and probably not the last one. I am afraid that this December will be slower than last one, but then again, things always change in the markets while (on the average) staying pretty much the same. Today is December 1st and that's the 82nd day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

763 - 81/2015
emini trading results #763

This is a Thanksgiving holiday week, so I don't think I will be trading much during it. Hence today only three trades, but enough to pay for my food for a whole month if not more. I trade for a living. I don't live for trading. It's a sound approach and works well for me. Today is November 24th and that's the 81st day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

762 - 80/2015
emini trading results #762

Another trading day and again more problems with Chrome. I am afraid, I will have to dump it eventually. It has really deteriorated in many ways, but it ties me up to some Google services that I often use. I have more browsers installed on my computer, but except for Firefox, rarely use them. I took 8 trades today, but did not post the last one on Twitter right away because of Chrome acting up again. Since I had to be elsewhere soon, I posted the last trade there only when I got back home. Today is November 19th and that's the 80th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

761 - 79/2015
emini trading results #761

6 trades and 5 Twitter updates. Pretty much an average day. Except perhaps for Chrome, Google's browser, refusing to cooperate again. That does not happen very often, but I have noticed that Chrome is getting worse and worse and so this may become a new normal. Touch wood. Today is November 18th and that's the 79th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

760 - 78/2015
emini trading results #760

Friday, the 13th. Perhaps that explains why I traded only about half an hour today. Or perhaps it does not. Anyway, it's a weekend. Yesterday, George IV delivered two nice winners (in YM and ES) and today I updated its performance page. The system is doing pretty well this year, although not as well as last one. Today is November 13th and that's the 78th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

759 - 77/2015
emini trading results #759

14 trades today interrupted by some errands and stuff, and 10 tweets with trading results updates just as yesterday. I managed to take 7 trades before my blood test (mentioned yesterday) and another 7 afterwards. This completes yet another full week of daily trading reports, the 8th such a week this year. Perhaps it's time for a break. Today is November 12th and that's the 77th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

758 - 76/2015
emini trading results #758

13 trades today interrupted by two errands, and 10 tweets with trading results updates. Not very close to my daily record in this category, but still a two digit number. I may not trade tomorrow because I am taking a blood test (just a regular lipid test), and I am not sure if I will make it back in time to take some trades. But I will try to. Today is November 11th and that's the 76th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

757 - 75/2015
emini trading results #757

A rather slow day, but I still managed to take 10 trades, all of them winners. Today is November 10th and that's the 75th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

756 - 74/2015
emini trading results #756

That was an early bird treat. I very seldom trade before 11 A.M. EST, which is 8 my local, Pacific Time, but today was one of those rare days. Rather uneventful, but that's hardly a complaint. After posting this update, I took 2 more trades as you can see in my Twitter feed. Something like that may happen from time to time, although rather rarely too. Today is November 9th and that's the 74th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

755 - 73/2015
emini trading results #755

Five trades to the tune of over $500, all tweeted in near real-time, or another good day in November. I am again busy working on some project for a hedge fund that I have been consulting for for some time now, so I am not sure how many more daily updates I will post here in November, but I am aiming at 75-80 this year in total. Less than in the last 2-3 years, but things change just like the markets. Today is November 6th and that's the 73rd day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

754 - 72/2015
emini trading results #754

Just one trade as I had to take a short trip. This report completes two full weeks of trading, meaning 10 days in a row. That's the second such a stretch this year. I usually don't trade that many days in a row, as I like to take breaks, although you can find here (in years past) reports that cover more than 2 consecutive weeks of results, even over 3 weeks in one or two cases. Actually, even three in 2013 alone! That was also the year I started tweeting my trading results in near real-time. I think it's time for a break now. Today is November 2nd and that's the 72nd day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

753 - 71/2015
emini trading results #753

10 trades, all tweeted, and yet another good day. I thought I would be done after the very first trade. But I ended up taking ten; I had some errands to run today, but they did not interfere with my trading that much, as it turned out. It would not be the very first time I was not able to predict the future. I am better at predicting short term market moves than I am at predicting future in general. Still, some people are not good at anything, so perhaps I am not that bad. Anyway, another Friday that was better than anticipated. What not to like about it? Today is October 30th and that's the 71st day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

752 - 70/2015
emini trading results #752

I did not get much sleep last night, so less trading too. I even took a nap after the first three trades and then added two more trades, all of which happened to be winners. As always, I have tweeted my results. Today is October 29th and that's the 70th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

751 - 69/2015
emini trading results #751

The market got spooked by the FOMC announcement (see this article for what may happen following an event like that and why you should not be trading close to it unless you are a an experienced trader) and dropped sharply, which added some volatility to it. That's what I exploited after first taking a few trades on the long side. As many as 12 Twitter updates with trading results today, certainly above my daily average in this respect, but not even close to my daily record of 22 such updates set this month (just 2 weeks ago, see below) that is likely to remain unbeaten. Today is October 28th and that's the 69th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

750 - 68/2015
emini trading results #750

Yep, that's 750! The 750th daily e-mini trading results report since late 2008 when I started posting them here. Another milestone of sorts. That was a pretty heroic day with Mr. Market trying really hard to fool me. He was all over the map (or charts). He almost succeeded in that I almost dropped the ball twice exiting my position prematurely instead of holding it for the full 5 ticks that would have been possible too. All's well that ends well, though. The last trade took almost an hour and I was really determined to bring it to fruition or exit at the close. I had already made a bit of money, so could have afforded that risk, but judging by the market patterns it was not a particularly risky proposition. The market while being very congested and jumpy had a down bias, which also, at least partially, was confirmed by George IV. It was less congested than yesterday and not as flat as yesterday, so while trading it was a bit frustrating it was more doable than yesterday. As I also said on Twitter, where I posted 10 trading results updates today, sometimes the best strategy is to stick to your guns with the right bias and build your position. That certainly was the case today. The position cannot be too large compared to your regular size, which in my case is 2-4 contracts, as its overly large size suggests you are on the wrong side of the market. Today is October 27th and that's the 68th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

749 - 67/2015
emini trading results #749

The market was too boring to keep me interested for more than $200+, which is the minimum I aim every day I trade. Too congested and too slowly moving. Some days are like that and often it is better to just quit once you have reached your minimum daily profit target, instead of wasting your time and energy pursuing another 3 ticks or so. Fortunately, there are also better and even much better days too and it's where you want to put your best effort in. This is yet another full week of results and we are only 1 trading day away from 750 in total. I hope it will be a better day than today, but I obviously cannot guarantee it. It's not easy to predict this in advance, though sometimes it's possible to tell the night before if the market will be volatile the next day. Not that I pay much attention to what's going on at night. Today is October 26th and that's the 67th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

748 - 66/2015
emini trading results #748

Another up day and another good day for George IV that delivered full winners in both markets. I did not trade much as I am still recovering from my twisted upper right arm. Twisted due to using a computer mouse too much, I believe. This can lead to a "frozen shoulder" that I happened to get years ago in my last job. I can use a keyboard (and write) just fine, but not so well when it comes to the mouse. Today is October 23rd and that's the 66th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

747 - 65/2015
emini trading results #747

A huge up day, but I was trading during a rapid decline in the price and stopped, due to some problem with my right arm, before the price resumed its upward move. Notice that it took me less than 10 minutes to make a bit over $200, not an unusual thing when the price is moving reasonably fast. George IV also had a good day, delivering maximal profits in both markets. Recently it has been doing better in YM, due to this market lower volatility which makes it a bit safer to trade. To put it slightly differently, it is more resilient than ES to huge volatility spikes caused by extreme events such as, recently, the crash in the China's stock market. Today is October 22nd and that's the 65th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

746 - 64/2015
emini trading results #746

A better moving market, but only 3 trades because I had to run an errand. But overall a better day than yesterday. Today is October 21st and that's the 64th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

745 - 63/2015
emini trading results #745

Another day, another success despite a rather congested market, which explains smaller targets on some of my trades. This was not always warranted, but that's hindsight and so it does not count. Today is October 20th and that's the 63rd day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

744 - 62/2015
emini trading results #744

Not as many trades as yesterday, but that was to be expected. Days with over 20 trades are very rare. Today, the market was in a very upbeat mood and kept rising during the time I was trading. That's not my favorite pattern as I tend to short quite a bit. What's worse, the pullbacks today were pretty shallow too, so I decided to stay flat most of the time and took only a few trades. I should have been more aggressive on the long side, and next time I probably will. Today is October 15th and that's the 62nd day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

743 - 61/2015
emini trading results #743

I was not really planning a break that long when I said last time that it was time for a break. This longish break was forced on me by a not so friendly (how's that about being politically correct?) virus that gave me a congested nose and a stuffy head, neither of which is conducive to trading, to say the least. I mentioned that on Twitter too. But judging from my performance today, that break certainly boosted my stamina and motivation a bit, and so no wonder I was able to take 25 trades and even tweet 22 trading results updates. Yep, 22! That's my new record. See this article for more on how I use Twitter for that. Of course, since it was a record I am not going to do it again very soon. Not every day there are conditions to take 25 trades and sometimes the market is moving just too fast to tweet every trade. I also nailed the bottom in the market quite well, reducing the target on my last trade because of this. I talk a bit more about it on my trading blog in today's post. Today is October 14th and that's the 61st day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

742 - 60/2015
emini trading results #742

Only one trade today, with 10 contracts. Well, I usually don't use that many, but may do from time to time. It's discretionary trading after all. This is the 10th trading day in a row, meaning 2 weeks in a row. Definitely time for a break. Today is October 1st and that's the 60th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

741 - 59/2015
emini trading results #741

Another good day. About an hour of trading only because I was a bit sleepy. Not that you really need more than that if you are a skilled KING trader. And it turns out that I called the bottom of this market very well: the last two trades were long and occured near the very bottom of the daily trading session. Can your trading "teach" do the same? Or is he charging extra for this type of "secret knowledge." There is no secret to becoming a successful e-mini futures day trader: get yourself KING and then do your best. That's your best shot. I may be biased as hell, but I also show plenty of evidence that what I am saying should be taken seriously. George IV took a hit again in both markets, the third time in a row in ES. We are still in the positive territory in the main tracking category (the same used last year), but this market seems to be suggesting that the bull is over and a correction is afoot; perhaps it has been since about August 20th. We will see. I was wrong before. However, given a bigger stop-loss, the system would have posted a 6 point winner in ES. In a way, it was a bad luck, which shows that without luck even good calls stand no chance. It should also be noted that while the system is only about 14 pts up in ES (its main market) since Janury 1st, the S&P 500 has been down for the year by about 140 points. Today is September 30th and that's the 59th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

740 - 58/2015
emini trading results #740

More trades than usual, which in itself is not so unusual. Some days will be better (or richer) in this respect, others not. It would be odd, if not suspicious, if I could take 16 trades every day no matter how poor the trading conditions are and, on top of that, all those trades were winners. But I sometimes get the impression that some wanna be traders that contact me think that should be the case. The trade that got me into 7 contracts was a bit more challenging, but I did the right thing by sticking to my position and even increasing it. I should have also stayed my course with the original target of 5 ticks, which would have been hit, but I closed my position with ca 3 ticks of profit per contract. Well, all's well that ends well, so I don't think I should complain. I posted 12 Twitter trading results updates today, also more than my average, but still far from my daily record of 17 such updates. Today is September 29th and that's the 58th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

739 - 57/2015
emini trading results #739

Well, better late than never, I guess. I had fennel tea last night before hitting the bed, and it did quite a job keeping me asleep, 10 hours at least, 3 hours more than I sleep on average. The market was pretty volatile again, and even George IV scored a full winner in YM. Alas, there was no trade in ES. I just updated the system performance page. Today is September 28th and that's the 57th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

738 - 56/2015
emini trading results #738

I was not really planning on trading today and yet ended up with so many trades. I thought I was done after a few trades, but then I took one more, which I had to exit with a relatively big loss, so I reversed that position and I was soon out of that $700+ hole. But when the market moves so strongly against you, it is a good indication that a strong trend in that direction is developing and you can capitalize on it. That's what I did. The market was moving so fast that I decided that tweeting my trading progress was a bad idea because it would eat into my trading opportunities and so I stopped tweeting until I was really done with those 24 trades and almost a grand. Tweeting pictures takes about a minute on average per tweet, so it can be a pretty bad idea in a fast moving market particularly if you want to compensate for your loss. I took two losses today, but I was still right in all those 24 trades. Sometimes taking a loss is the best thing you can do, but unless you believe that you should also reverse your position this is not a very convincing decision to make. I prefer taking losses when I am convinced that I can do better in a reversed position and not just because of the "cutting losses short" dogma. The losses should be optimal rather than small. And that's the memo from this "heroic" day; I can't believe that I put up such a fight on a Friday. It was supposed to be a lazy day. Today is September 25th and that's the 56th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

737 - 55/2015
emini trading results #737

Another short trading day, but most wanna be traders would be happy to make $300 a day. I had to see someone today, so that was it. This series of consecutive 5 trading days completes yet another full week of trading results reports, the 4th such a week this year. Today is September 24th and that's the 55th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

736 - 54/2015
emini trading results #736

Less trading as I had to attend to other things. Also, I could tell from the start that this market was not going to be my cup of tea, so on days like that I prefer to run errands that I cannot do later or just to trade less. Or may even not trade at all. There are certain levels in the market that determine how it will behave on a given day; some of them are incorporated in George IV, which is why using it with KING gives you an extra advantage. But part of this knowledge is just intuition that comes from experience. Not everything can be turned into an exact formula. Today is September 23rd and that's the 54th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

735 - 53/2015
emini trading results #735

That was a rather tough market to trade, with wide swings and a poor sense of direction, and my heartburn was not helping either. It also made my last night a bit on a miserable side, but all's well that ends well. I just need to stop eating those peanuts. Today is September 22nd and that's the 53rd day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

734 - 52/2015
emini trading results #734

A rather quick half a grand. In less than an hour. Well, actually in about 30 minutes. Had to run some errands, so that was it. It's not like every day I feel like taking 20 trades either, anyway. I trade for a living, I don't live for trading. And I don't like trading to dictate me how to live my life. The greatest thing about trading is that it gives you the freedom to be independent, to be your own boss. I like that and I like to use my "boss privileges" from time to time too. But don't quit your daily job until you are good at this trading thing unless the job quits you, as was my case when I went day trading full time. There are 5 quickies in this screenshot, that is trades that did not take longer than a minute to reach their target. The last trade lasted exactly 1 minute! Today is September 21st and that's the 52nd day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

733 - 51/2015
emini trading results #733

Well, that might as well be one of the best trading results I have posted here over the last 7 years, but only one of them. It was a very good day as you would expect it to be when George IV issues a strong signal. Yes, George IV plus KING is a powerful combo. Not even that notorius gangster, Mr. Market, can withstand it! 22 trades, 16 Twitter trading updates, very close to my daily record of 17 such updates. Nice, indeed, and a good start for the next 50 trading reports in 2015, though I may not post that many. This year I have been too busy with other things to post here as often as in the past 2-3 years and that may happen next year too, but there is already plenty of evidence that KING works for anyone who stands a chance as a day trader. Once again, can your trading teach do the same or is he always coming up with new excuses why he cannot? You may or may not become rich day trading e-mini futures, but it sure beats working for someone else. Today is September 18th and that's the 51st day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

732 - 50/2015
emini trading results #732

A quick half a grand. Less can sometimes be more, if you can do it fast. In this case, in only 25 minutes, pretty much at the same pace as yesterday (over $300 in ca 15 minutes). Nice. Can your trading teach do the same or did he simplify it so much for you that you cannot take even a single trade in 20 minutes, which means that you are just wasting your time. I bet he also charges more for his trading "wisdom" than me because so many of them do. George IV added wins in YM and ES of 60 and 6 pts, respectively, but only in the aggressive tracking category. I just updated its performance page too. Today is September 4th and that's the 50th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

731 - 49/2015
emini trading results #731

Less trading than the past two days, but I have a backlog of e-mails to deal with, as also recently mentioned on my main e-mini futures blog, and a few other things to take care of, so I have to focus on those for a change. This is yet another full week of e-mini futures trading results, the third such a week this year. George IV recorded a loss in YM (both tracking categories), there was no trade in ES. Today is September 3rd and that's the 49th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

730 - 48/2015
emini trading results #730

Another good day, even though I was pretty sleepy today, but still ... As long as volatility is reasonably good, then scalping for 5-10 ticks in YM is hardly a big problem with KING. George IV called two trades, but only in the aggressive tracking category of which one was an accidental loser (in ES) and one a winner (in YM). And that's the news. Today is September 2nd and that's the 48th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

729 - 47/2015
emini trading results #729

Well, well. I am sure that Mr. Market is hating me again. Oh, well. You can't please everyone. Twenty (20) trades, many quickies, as many as 16 Twitter trading results updates. Looks like September may be another nice volatile month. What else can I say? Oh, George IV has also delivered some goods, unfortunately not completely, but in YM it has just hit another peak in its equity curve, the second time in a row. Did I mention that I am quite proud of this bad boy? Now, I certainly did. A good, simple mechanical trading system is not so easy to find, especially fully disclosed. Just do your research if you don't believe me. Today is September 1st and that's the 47th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

728 - 46/2015
emini trading results #728

Another e-mini futures KING trading results update in August, this month fewer than usual, as I have been busy with other things (a friendly hedge fund, in the first place) and even if I traded a bit more than I posted here, I did not feel like talking about it. Too much distraction and that would add only very little value to what is already well over 700 of daily trading reports. In fact, the very first year or two I was probably posting here at about the same rate I am doing it this year and that was still a lot compared to many other trading vendors or educators out there. That's because many of them don't believe in providing any evidence that their trading ideas work. And yet some of them charge thousands of dollars more than I charge for my products! I kid you not. Just check out this article of mine just updated again. George IV came close to giving another call that would have resulted in big winners in both markets. Alas, close, but no cigar. It is still doing pretty well this year, and even very well in its safe option (conservative) tracking category. It is included in the price of KING, so it makes a lot of sense to get it buying KING, but you can buy it separately too. Today is August 31st and that's the 46th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

727 - 45/2015
emini trading results #727

I stopped at 16. Trades, that is. I could have gone over $1000, but had to eat breakfast eventually, and since I did not get much sleep last night (5-6 hours only), eating in such circumstances often makes me sleepy and thus slow. And it's a rather bad idea to trade if you are slow especially when the market is quite volatile. As it was today, which also explains quite a few quickies (trades that last a minute at most). Notice 15 tweets with trading results today. That's quite a bit too, close to my daily record of 17. George IV keeps performing well too, climbing onto yet another equity peak in YM, while staying close to such a peak in ES. I mean its safer version, the one that I was tracking also last year; check out one of my August blog posts about it. Today is August 28th and that's the 45th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

726 - 44/2015
emini trading results #726

Another good day for the purpose of this little journal that is anything but little 8 years in the making. And with trades posted on Twitter, which is nothing new really, though I have been doing it for over 2 years only. Still longer than most of other vendors who tend to shy Twitter. I apologize for posting here so rarely these days, but I am being really busy with a very exciting project or two of which I am even not allowed to talk. Top secret. Mr. Market took a beating again, or as they say, "what else is new?" He stands absolutely no chance on a good volatile day like today. Or any other day for that matter when KING is in good form, which is really quite often. George IV also delivered a maximal profit today, but in YM only. That's because there was no trade in ES. The performance update for this system will follow shortly. Still this week. As badly busy as I am these days, I do try to keep the performance page up to date on a weekly basis. Today is August 21st and that's the 44th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

725 - 43/2015
emini trading results #725

Should I call the police? Mr. Market stole my quickie today! It's not the very first time he did that, but today it was particularly brazen. It was supposed to be a quickie, but it took 2 seconds over the full minute, two seconds too long to qualify for a quickie. Be careful when you are dealing with this guy. Not only is he a thief, but he can be quite violent too. Again, quite a few tweets with trading results today, even a bit more than last time (9 versus 8) and here's the last one today. Today is August 3rd and that's the 43rd day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

724 - 42/2015
emini trading results #724

So much about Mr. Market's posturing again. Yeah, tough guy. Twelve losses, try explaining this to your wife, loser! Quite a few tweets with trading results today, as always, as many as 8 and here's the last one, but still not even close to my daily record of 17. Today is July 30th and that's the 42nd day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

723 - 41/2015
emini trading results #723

Another post here in July, though I am on vacation (sort of), as explained in my latest blog entry on my main e-mini futures blog. Well, that was a good day too, though at some point I had to take a loss, but that's okay. That may and will happen from time to time too. I guess, I might have been a tad impatient today exiting trades at 3 ticks at times instead of waiting for the full (standard) target of 5 ticks to be reached. But that's discretionary trading, so that's fine too. Not every day will be perfect, but as long as it's not a losing one, you can consider it successful. As many as 15 trades today, with 10 Twitter trading results updates. Today is July 22nd and that's the 41st day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

722 - 40/2015
emini trading results #722

July 8th and 8 tweets with trading results and 10 trades in total. Not a bad day, but what is missing is another good trade for George IV. Well, George IV called no trade today, though one, very relevant condition was met quite nicely, and had you entered at the right spot at the right time, as suggested by the system, you would have squeezed out 6/60 points in ES/YM. But that's okay. Some days we may not be completely lucky. Today is July 8th and that's the 40th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

721 - 39/2015
emini trading results #721

Another month, another good start of it. A bit more trades today than yesterday, though my eyes were (and still are) itching me a bit, though less than yesterday. Let's hope this improvement continues. George IV gave another signal and posted two winners, but depending on your entry, it could have been a big loss in ES. I go by the abstract, hypothetical data, which sometimes can give rise to very different results than in actual trading. At least in some accounts. That's how it is. The only actual results are those in your own trading account, which I might have said here and elsewhere on this site before, yet oddly enough it is one of those things that the trading forums crowd will never get. One of the biggest blowhards on one of such forums, that specializes in smear and slander (both the forum and especially this blowhard), says that he would not trust any hypothetical results. Well, I would not trust anything he says because for many years he was denigrating American vendors while hiding in his German bunker and hiding his vendor status as well. How sleazy and cowardly! And yet this fellow is supposed to be some big shot there. Too bad he has yet to start trading; one would think that this would be a major prerequisite to even pretend to be a trading expert. There is nothing wrong or untrustworthy about hypothetical results. They represent a kind of results that most of the time would be pretty close to what you can achieve in actual trading, but at times they are not. Since the actual results are bound to vary from one account to another, one has to choose some benchmark. By custom, this benchmark is what you get from your abstract chart data. There is no conspiracy here. Don't also believe that Hitler still lives on the South Pole. Today is July 1st and that's the 39th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

720 - 38/2015
emini trading results #720

KING - New Formula was released over last weekend. It now contains George Collection (George IV being the most prominent part of it) and individual mentoring. The latter is still optional, as I like to keep KING as affordable as possible for those who are comfortable with self-study. Speaking of George IV, it has also received a makeover recently and, as you can see from its results page, it continues to do pretty well. And today is yet another day with KING trading results. Less trading than usual; my eyes were itching me a bit too much to tolerate it. That can be pretty annoying and that's not good as it can affect your trading. Unfortunately this has been going on for a few days now, so I need to figure out what is causing it. Today is June 30th and that's the 38th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

719 - 37/2015
emini trading results #719

I am working on a KING upgrade or a new version of it, called KING - New Formula, that I want to release by the end of this month, so I am posting here less than usual. I am also tweeting less. But I am still very much alive and even kicking and today's trading results prove it beyond any reasonable doubt. If you are a KING owner, expect an e-mail from me this weekend (my time) and another one next week. Today is June 18th and that's the 37th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

718 - 36/2015
emini trading results #718

The first week of June, and another good day, with two quickies and a few Twitter updates. One quickie and the very first trade was only 1 second in duration. That's a record! Well, I got lucky there, but I like to believe that luck favors a well trained mind. Today is June 5th and that's the 36th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

717 - 35/2015
emini trading results #717

A totally different day than yesterday, with 15 trades, all winners, and a few quickies to boot. Also, 10 Twitter trading result updates, more than my daily average, but not even close to my daily record of 17. You can never predict how good your next trading day is going to be. With KING, it's likely to be good, but that also depends on your experience. Buying KING is not enough to make you a good trader, it takes practice to become good at anything, and especially at discretionary trading. But at least, you know that it's possible to do well with KING, even very well. I would not say so about many other trading methodologies on the market that come with little to no evidence of this sort. Today is May 29th and that's the 35th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

716 - 34/2015
emini trading results #716

Sometimes pushing it too hard is not such a good idea. I was probably right about not trading more a week ago. Today was pretty much the same type of a trading day, with the market rather congested, swinging wide, but lacking a clear direction. That can sometimes cause problems. Still, despite two losses, I still emerged victorious from this battle of wits with my nemesis, that old fart, Mr. Market. The first reversal, as I also said on Twitter, was a bit of a mistake, and so was not reversing that short position sooner, but that's so obvious in hindsight. In general, though, it's not a good idea to reverse your position too soon when the market is trading in a range, even a wide one. One more thing: a KING update is coming soon; see my blog for more regarding this, and expect an e-mail from me about it by June 1st, if you are a KING owner. Today is May 28th and that's the 34th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

715 - 33/2015
emini trading results #715

It was a day of low volatility, which is bad enough, but if the market is also pretty congested, then trading it can be tough and not much fun, which explains why I decided to quit after making another $200 (even slightly more), which is my daily minimum profit target. Well, some days can be like that or even worse, but I usually don't post those below $200 here. Anyway, all's well that ends well. Today marks the second anniversary of the day when I started posting my trading results on Twitter in near-real time; see also this article. There are now about 1,100 tweets with the screenshots of my trading results in my Twitter media gallery. I think I will continue doing so for at least another few more months, say till the end of this year. The longer you do this, the more boring it becomes, but you can get used to it. Trading can be boring too, especially on slow days like today. Today is May 21st and that's the 33rd day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

714 - 32/2015
emini trading results #714

I woke up earlier than usual because of headache, and because it seemed to be going away I started trading. Unfortunately, it returned with vengence, so I had to stop trading earlier than I might have otherwise. I suspect cottage cheese in combination with something as the headache culprit. I gotta stop eating it, I am afraid. But that's okay. Still another good day. The first 5 trades that total 26 ticks (per contract), were taken in a range of only 15 ticks! I don't know if any other trading methodology can produce such a fine result. It's not the very first time that I have done so either. Today is May 20th and that's the 32nd day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

713 - 31/2015
emini trading results #713

I was not in the best physical form when trading today, with my stomach bugging me quite a bit, but things got even worse when I finished trading, so I was actually quite lucky that I managed to finish trading without a major problem. I somewhat doubt I will be able to trade tomorrow (my stomach is now acting up even worse), but we'll see. It was an easy day overall as most days should be, at least with KING, so no wonder that I even got 6 quickies today out of 13 trades. I posted them on Twitter as I almost always do these days; 10 tweets with trading results is not my record, but it is above the average. Today is May 13th and that's the 31st day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

712 - 30/2015
emini trading results #712

The market was a bit chaotic today, or perhaps I was a bit out of tune with it, but still it's the final result that really counts. Nothing to complain about when it comes to that. It is not that hard to make money with KING, and that's one more day to testify to this truth, one of over 700 days reported on in these trading results sections and one of about 200 hundred days with results posted to Twitter in almost real time. It is not hard to make money with KING because scalping for 5 ticks is not that hard, though, as virtually everything worth doing it takes some practice and patience not to give up too easily. Those who have these qualities stand to benefit from KING immensely in my view, which has been corraborated by the testimonials from those who actually did. Today is May 12th and that's the 30th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

711 - 29/2015
emini trading results #711

Well, that's another full week of results. The second one this year. I don't post here as often as used to in the past, because there is already plenty of evidence that KING works, though as a discretionary trading methodology, it may work better for some than for others. If you don't enjoy quick scalping, it's probably not for you. But why exactly would like to be stuck in a trade for hours? Sounds a bit masochistic to me. Practice is the key. I cannot say this enough. The more you practice the better trader you become, and eventually trading will become like driving a car or even like walking, something pretty (or even very) natural. The market was pretty volatile, moving in a wide range, which explains why I used a few more contracts than usual (2-4) on two occassions, but that was justified due to a pretty strong downtrend. Discretionary trading is a lot about reading the market. Mr. Market likes to bluff a lot, and being an old fart, he gets confused a lot too. You need to recognize his bluffs and his moments of confusion, which gets easier with time if you stick to one solid methodology. If not, like most wannabes, you will only be wasting your time. It might be good time for another break from posting here. Today is May 5th and that's the 29th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

710 - 28/2015
emini trading results #710

Another good day, even though I was struggling with a headache when trading (and still am hours later), which made it less effective; I took fewer trades than I could have. And the market was rather slow too, which did not make it easier, but then again, perhaps a faster market is even worse to trade (even if more fun) than a slower one if you are having a headache. Today is May 4th and that's the 28th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

709 - 27/2015
emini trading results #709

I did not get much sleep last night, so wasn't sure if I should be trading today, but eventually pulled the trigger for some beer money and for a good start of yet another month. Today is May 1st and that's the 27th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

708 - 26/2015
emini trading results #708

9 quickies in 12 trades, with 5 quickies in a row. That's another good day for sure. That's not my quickies record, though. As I just mentioned on my main e-mini futures blog, I once had 10 quickies in 10 trades in the span of only about 10-15 minutes. You can find a picture showing the record of all of them somewhere on this site and I mentioned them in the daily trading reports sections (like this one) before too, and probably more than once. That's the power of KING in the hands of an experienced trader. Try it, if you don't believe me, but don't jump to any conclusions until you have put it to the test, which would be something this smart KING's student did. And many before him. Today is April 30th and that's the 26th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

707 - 25/2015
emini trading results #707

Another day with trading results in April and a good one too, with 9 trading updates on Twitter. I did not post the last two trades there. I took them later. Volatility was pretty good today, which explains two 10-pointers. I was consistently on the short side, which was definitely justified, so even those 8 contracts that I accumulated at some point in one of the positions was not so scary at all. That's really not much of a big size, anyway. I even thought about targeting 10 ticks with it, but did not have the stamina to do so after waiting for the trade to reach 5 ticks for over an hour. Today is April 29th and that's the 25th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

706 - 24/2015
emini trading results #706

Want still more? Here we go. Don't forget to check out all the other 705. Just another good trading day with trading updates on Twitter in near real-time, already a tradition of sorts because this has been going on for almost two years now. Today is April 21st and that's the 24th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

705 - 23/2015
emini trading results #705

Another update in April. Sorry that they are appearing now at a slower pace than before, but there is already over 700 of such updates here. George IV had a great day today again. It has made two new peaks in its equity curve this year in both markets. Today is April 17th and that's the 23rd day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

704 - 22/2015
emini trading results #704

And it's April, the month many people in the US deal with taxes. Yep, that month. This is the first post here in April, but probably not the last one. However, the more I post here, the more it encourages shady characters to attack my business, so I am trying to find a better balance. These characters will have to face the harsh reality sooner or later too, no matter how hard they try to succeed. Today is April 9th and that's the 22nd day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

703 - 21/2015
emini trading results #703

Slow day, with a congested market, not much fun to trade, and Friday on top of that. But still a good one. Today is March 27th and that's the 21st day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

702 - 20/2015
emini trading results #702

Another good day, with 13 trades (only one on the losing side) and 10 Twitter trading updates. Today is March 20th and that's the 20th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

701 - 19/2015
emini trading results #701

The first report beyond 700. Just one good trade. That's all you need to make a living. If you can do better, you will be making a great living. Today is March 17th and that's the 19th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

700! - 18/2015
emini trading results #700

That was yet another great day, even with a perfect 10, as often is the case when George IV delivers big winners in both markets, a 6-pointer in ES and a 60-pointer in YM. I challenge everyone to find a better mechanical trading system for less than $500 for these two e-mini futures markets. I will not challenge anyone to find a better e-mini futures trading methodology than KING because there is no such thing out there, no matter the price! And we have just reached the 700th daily KING trading report, so that's a trifecta! Today is March 10th and that's the 18th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

699 - 17/2015
emini trading results #699

Another great day, as you would expect it during more volatile conditions, so no wonder that I posted 10 trading updates on Twitter today. Still, not even close to my daily record of 17. George IV gave another trade signal too and delivered nice profits in both markets. As of today we are up YTD in all tracking categories for this system, and in some even quite a bit. Today is March 6th and that's the 17th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

698 - 16/2015
emini trading results #698

Another day in March, rather slow, with the market a bit too jumpy for my taste. Today is March 5th and that's the 16th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

697 - 15/2015
emini trading results #697

Starting the month of March just fine. We are only 3 daily trading updates away from update #700 and it's very likely that it will arrive this month. Will I reach 750? If I recall it well, I never thought that I would reach number 500. It seems amusing looking back, so I will abstain from saying that 750 is impossible. Still, considering how many of those daily updates have already been posted here, I am somewhat less inclined than I used to be to keep posting more and more. Today is March 4th and that's the 15th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

696 - 14/2015
emini trading results #696

Ending the month on a pretty high note, despite starting the day with a loser. Well, that's just one more evidence that one trade should never discourage you from taking another one or even 11 as was the case here. I could have taken more, but 12 is a very fine number and greed, as they say, is not that good. Or something. Today is February 27th and that's the 14th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

695 - 13/2015
emini trading results #695

Another trading update after a longer break, at least from posting here, because I had no break otherwise. I got another project from a friendly hedge fund that sometimes uses my expertise and that kept me busy for two weeks. But that's all this year. I gotta start working on other things. Which probably means still fewer posts in this section of the site, but then again, how much more do you still need? The very first of KING students had to rely on less than 10% of what I have managed to accumulate in the trading reports sections over the past 7 years or so. And yet that was already enough for many of them to succeed with KING. Now it's really time for the forum and a new price for KING. Today is February 24th and that's the 13th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

694 - 12/2015
emini trading results #694

Those longs were pretty nice, 4 of them in only 10 minutes to the tune of $200+. Not bad. Then one more, and then I decided to go fishing for shorts. Probably a bit too prematurely, but I was expecting this market to stay in a wide range and eventually to move down, which is pretty much what happened. That allowed me to build a bigger position, though not really that big. Anything below 10 contracts is hardly a big position, just a bit bigger than what I usually trade. It pays off to pay attention to the larger time frame. Originally, I was aiming at 20 ticks, which would have been possible, but I scaled it down to ca 10 (per contract) eventually. Still nothing to complain about. Today is February 6th and that's the 12th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

693 - 11/2015
emini trading results #693

Another good day in February. The market was somewhat undecided today, with big swings up and down. The last swing (ca 15:30 EST) was especially big. The market dropped about 130 pts in 10 minutes, but by then I had already finished my trading. Today is February 4th and that's the 11th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

692 - 10/2015
emini trading results #692

I just paid my February rent with some beer money still left. Less tweeting, as I said before, and this may continue for a longer while. Today is February 2nd and that's the 10th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

691 - 9/2015
emini trading results #691

Not much trading today, but enough for this week. I have also other things to attend to. Today is January 30th and that's the 9th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

690 - 8/2015
emini trading results #690

Another good day, with a bit more tweeting, but less that it would have been in the past. I am cutting down on tweeting. It's not the most productive way to spend my time, anyway, and it also attracts a lot of curiosity seekers. I do mention explicitly on the main page of KING that I don't want to deal with people like that and their ilk, but if you think they actually read before bothering me, you are wrong. Volatility was good, and so is the final trading result. Today is January 27th and that's the 8th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

689 - 7/2015
emini trading results #689

I have been very busy working with some hedge fund lately, as I also mentioned on Twitter. I do consulting for them from time to time. Sometimes, though rarely, it's more work than usual, and that's the case this time around. Still, there is already plenty of daily trading reports on this site (almost 700!), and also many trade updates on Twitter, so I don't think that adding any more is of critical importance, though a troll or two may find this painfully inadequate and a reason to bother me for even more. Sorry, but my very first students had much less to rely on in this regard and they did quite well overall. It's not how much I show here that matters but how much you are willing to succeed that makes all the difference. Success is an inside job. Today is January 26th and that's the 7th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

688 - 6/2015
emini trading results #688

I don't often use more than 6 contracts per position, most of the time playing it very conservatively with 2-4, and targetting only 5-10 ticks (or even less if forced to), but I may also build a larger position from time to time if I think this makes sense and sometimes it does big time. I may also go for 20 points (or even more). As was the case today on both counts. I actually intended to go for 40 points per contract, but with not much time left in the daily session I eventually settled for 20 only. Well, it turns out that 40 and even 50 points was still possible, which means that my anticipation was right on the money. All's well that ends well, though, so there is no reason to kvetch. Things might have ended badly too and at some point I was afraid that they might. Today is January 9th and that's the 6th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

687 - 5/2015
emini trading results #687

The market made a strong move before the daily session open, inviting George IV for a ride and it was one heck of a ride in ES, less so in YM. It was in the former market that the system delivered full 6 points, which is the maximum profit target for this system, but it scored a win in YM too. I did not trade much today, being busy with some errands, but still managed to make over $300, which is always nice. This is the first full week of results in 2015. It may be a good time for a break. I don't intend to post much here this year. If I reach 750, I will consider it a success, but I should exceed 700 easily. But I will most likely trade more. Today is January 8th and that's the 5th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

686 - 4/2015
emini trading results #686

The market was stuck in a range with the price being prety jittery, which is not my idea of best trading conditions. I still managed to make some money, though, but I did not feel like trading much. Just a few trades. Too stressful and you may even lose money instead of making some. Today is January 7th and that's the 4th day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

685 - 3/2015
emini trading results #685

Fewer trades than the past two trading days, but the result is still good. Not every day I have the stamina to take 10+ trades, sometimes $500+ a day is just fine. Heck, it's fine most of the time. Days when I can make over $1000 do not happen that often, though are not uncommon during more volatile days. Today the market was pretty volatile, but felt a bit jittery. Not smooth enough. I don't like that feeling. It makes me anxious. Today is January 6th and that's the 3rd day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

684 - 2/2015
emini trading results #684

The market tumbled big time, which triggered higher volatility, which, in turn, allowed me to take quite a few more trades than I would be able to do on a day with average or low volatility. And I did so despite my back hurting me a little. Well, that's it. This picture says it all and you can also find 11 trading results updates on Twitter posted in near real-time, if you really want more. One more thing: George IV came close to a good trade, and would have traded had I used its older formula. The way I am using it now, it's one simplified strategy out of two. It's the other strategy, that is not a part of the current formula, that would have been at work today, if I am not mistaken (small details may need to be checked to be totally sure) or at least it was intended for situations like today. Today is January 5th and that's the 2nd day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.

683 - 1/2015
emini trading results #683

Not a bad day, to put it mildly, and a pretty good start of 2015. If I am not more excited about it, that's because it is not so unusual to do that well with KING on a good volatile day. It takes some practice, but the more you do it, the better you become at it. As simple as that. I could have taken a few more trades rather easily, but I felt that my concentration and patience got a bit depleted, so I decided to quit. I posted 10 trading updates with results on Twitter today, which is still far from my record of 17 in one day. It's the 8th calendar year with KING, but the seventh continuous year since the KING release in late 2008. KING's price is going up soon. I just raised the price of George IV; KING's price will follow the suit. Still a good time to save some money, but you can wait as well. KING is selling just fine even despite the fact that I turn people down all the time if I see that they are less likely to succeed as day traders. Nothing personal. If I think I may not be able to help someone, I tend to be honest about it. Today is January 2nd and that's the 1st day of e-mini trading results with KING this year.