KING - Testimonials

This section was started in late 2008, during the first KING mentoring session and features opinions from those who actually put KING to use. I don't update it as often as during the first two years or so after launching KING, but I do keep receiving emails from KING users that belong in here. If you are interested in more recent opinions, I post them from time to time in a somewhat "disguised" form, that is, incorporated in articles. See this article, or this, or yet another one for more recent impressions from three different KING students. The most recent of such articles (as of late 2017) is here, but there are probably more on this site that managed to sneak in as well. I don't keep a very good track of them as I believe that trading results speak more loudly than anything else.


I was inspired to create this section by yet another stellar student of mine, PP. That's his initials and that's how he wants to be known. He is one of a few fellows that I accepted for the first mentoring session of KING.

I don't know much about PP, but there are two things that identify him well: he was the first one to apply for KING and the first one to get our mentoring forum rolling. And that shows that he is a very motivated person. His emails to me definitely confirm this. People like that, understandably, are more likely to succeed than others.

After his first two attempts at the KING method, two days in a row, his results are as good as Kathy's, if not better considering he just started. I am very inspired by that. I know that Kathy's results are nearly impossible, so I am thrilled to know that there is another person out there that can do these nearly impossible things.

"Over 25 trades taken. 3 small losses with a net profit of 1,000.00 even on one contract. Whew.. No groveling intended.. but the beauty and simplicity of this  system becomes more and more apparent with each new trade." - PP 

I did not know how well Kathy would do. I told her that this was a good method and that her job was to make money no matter what. That the determination to succeed is sometimes more important than a method. Now, obviously, you will not succeed with a bogus method... Well, it turns out this worked out beautifully, but her performance was so stunning that I had to see for myself if I too could have that long streaks of winners. Yes, I can, though not 30 in a row, and I may never be able to do that, but I can do 10-15 in a row. And honestly, I did not know this was possible. I learned this only from Kathy. 

I think Kathy is already a better trader than me, and I think that PP will soon be. It's only a matter of time. I am happy for them and very inspired by what they are capable of achieving. There isn't a greater reward for a teacher than to have a student who could be more successful than the teacher himself. 

What follows are screenshots of two posts by PP from our KING's mentoring forum regarding his performance. If anything, they confirm that nearly impossible results are indeed possible with this method. And while it's probably fair to say that not everyone will be able to do so well so fast, I am convinced that with enough determination and practice success with this trading methodology is definitely possible. 

PP's first day with KING


PP's second day with KING 



I think, I will leave it at that... 

And I wanted to leave it at that, but then PP sent me a screenshot of his NinjaTrader platform with a result for his third day with KING so "round" that I could not resist posting it here.

PP's third day with KING



Well, that is still not all... Two days after PP had sent me his pic, I got a series of screenshots from Dick, a brave Dutchman, who has just returned from a real trading safari. See one of his screenshots below. Remember, in Europe they don't use a decimal point, but a comma. 

Dick's Money Printing Machine 


If you look closer at this screenshot, you will see that he is literally printing money, making tens of dollars in just one, two, three seconds, and in one case, in just under a second! Man, it's hard not to be thrilled by his performance. You know what's interesting about Dick? He hasn't asked a single question about KING either via email or the KING forum (not that I mind answering them) and yet he has produced quite remarkable results within just a week since he received the KING materials.

So, we now have Katherine, PP, and Dick doing that well. Katherine-like well. Hmm... so maybe more people can do the same. I have 7 people in my first KING mentoring session: two doing exceptionally well featured here, two showing some moderate progress and certainly very encouraged and eager to succeed in a big way. And I believe they will succeed that way as long as they remain committed to KING. I also have some people who are yet to open a brokerage account, so at this point it's simply impossible to tell how well the group as a whole is doing, but 4 out of 7 is a very good performance card already. Heck, even 1 out 7 is not bad at all in this industry.

"My English is not good enough to explain to other students how easy it is to make 500-1000 dollars every day." - Dick 

So as you see, it is possible to do spectacularly well with KING. And I think that people who are relatively new to day trading can do particularly well simply because they have fewer or no prejudices, little or no baggage from all those bogus trading methods that the Internet is full of. That is definitely the case of Katherine and PP, both of whom are relative newcomers to this game. I am not sure if that's Dick's case too, but the other two said so in their emails to me.

I got another email from Dick, some two weeks after the previous one. It tells us a bit about Dick's trading career and how he is doing now. And he is doing great! You can see its screenshot right here. Unlike PP, who was the first one to apply for KING's first mentoring session, Dick was the last one. He had quite a few questions about it, as you can see from the screenshot of his email sent to me prior to his ordering of KING. I put one of his questions in a box. I remembered this question very well, and I also recall my answer to it, which was along the lines: "you can choose your level of clarity." Well, I can't help but chuckle while looking at Dick's Money Printing Machine picture. Boy, did he choose his clarity level well or what?

Meanwhile, PP has had his second winning week with KING in live trading and he is so pleased with KING that he even recommended it to a good friend of his who has purchased his own copy of KING recently as well. 

And no, PP's winning weeks did not stop at his second one.

Dave (Canadian)

Shortly after the first mentoring session ended, I have received this email from Dave, who also wants to be known as the first Canadian KING graduate. And we all like Canadians, eh? I must say that I was very impressed by Dave's unwavering commitment to learning KING, and I am sure the foundation he has laid during the 4 weeks of the mentoring session will pay off big time in the months to come. 

Dave, Dick, Katherine, and PP are the reason I have found sharing my KING ideas so rewarding and I would like to thank them for being so inspiring not only for me but, I am sure, for others as well.

"I can honestly say that this is the highest my confidence has been in the past 2 years. I know I can do this and that is a wonderful feeling." - Dave 


Dick was not the last one of my overachievers. In the second KING mentoring session, another serious contender to this title emerged. His name is Richard, and while his progress has not been as smooth as Dick's or PP's, he has had some really spectacular trading sessions and I am convinced that given some more time and practice he will be able to make money with KING consistently. Here is what Richard had to say about his early experience with the KING methodology. He posted this on our KING forum. Notice that Richard did not give up after having a few rough days. Most people would do. But then again, most people do not succeed at anything competitive and day trading is a very competitive sport. That's why I believe he has what it takes to make it in this business. 

"King's methodology dispels many misconcieved notions that prevents people from making it as a successful trader." - Richard 


Here is one more testimonial from yet another of my students from the second mentoring session that ended in mid January 2009. His name is John. I anticipated John to do well with KING, but he was struggling for several days. Then he asked me for help and I suggested some fix that I do mention in the KING materials and which both Dick and Katherine use just as it should be used, that is, in moderation. This simple piece of advice turned John's performance totally around. He is now doing so amazingly well that you too may not believe it. Just as he is finding it hard to believe himself. We are talking about 70 straight winners, 114 trades with only one loser! Having read Katherine's, PP's, Dick's, Richard's and now John's stories, I have sort of become used to them, even though they definitely sound amazing. And to think that John might have ended up not buying KING because of some Paypal problems! As rare as such problems are, sometimes they can be a big turn off to do business on the Internet, but if you are like John, you know when to give up. That is, never!

"In the first three days I had 70 straight wins and averaged over $1000 a day after deducting commissions. Today I had a further six wins before the one loss I incurred. I then went on to have a further 37 wins and finished the day with almost $1000 in profits after deducting commissions." - John 

Talking about the commitment thing, I recently (mid March, 2009) got another email from Dave, of the first Canadian KING graduate fame. Dave says that he is doing better and better in terms of his winning consistency. I told him that this is what one should expect if one sticks to one solid methodology for a while. And so no wonder that Dave, being an impressively committed KING student, is reaping the benefits of his efforts. Way to go, Dave! I am sharing it here hoping that it will give my other students a boost or two in their efforts to master KING. It's not that hard, really. Given enough time, mastering KING is as possible as mastering anything else. Well, perhaps with the exception of walking on water and a few others things like that. You know, the JC type of stuff.

Dick (again)

Yesterday, April 16th, 2009, I got an email from Dick, the Dutch KING overachiever. It was in a matter totally unrelated to KING; I asked him for some favor related to QuoteTracker that Dick uses for his trading and Dick was very kind to help me out. It was some other client of mine who needed this help. Dick says that he now trades ES, works about 2 hours a day, has a lot of time and a happy wife. Is your wife happy too? But is she KING happy? 

"I work a couple of hours a day and before and after I can do whatever I want, so I have a pleasant life and my wife also hahaha." - Dick

I recently also heard from PP, another proud overachiever whose success started this section, who too continues making decent money with KING. As always, I am very happy for all my successful students. 

Kathy (the Founding Mother)

And guess what? Not only is Kathy still very much alive, but she is even seriously kicking. Mr. Market's butt, that is. Well, it's always nice to hear from her. In this email that she just sent me (May 9th, 2009), she says that she recently visited the great land of kangaroos and koalas and that smaller land of kiwis. Yes, there are some humans down there too, but seriously you don't go Down Under to see more humans. How silly is that? Well, sounds like she is enjoying her life. Way to go, Kathy!

"I continue making good money with your methods. You are so right: KING does rule! These days, my goal is $1,500-$2,000 a week and I usually reach it in 3-4 days, so I have a longer weekend too. I don't trade more than 3-4 hours a day, a bit longer than in the recent past as volatility is lower now, but I am still doing very, very well. " - Kathy

And yes, she is right about the price of KING. But don't you worry, Kathy. I will definitely take care of that. It's only a matter of time. It's "when," not "if."

David (British)

Well, just the same weekend, I got one more email from from yet another KING student of mine. His name is David and he lives in the UK. Dave participated in the second mentoring session of KING. I remember that he was the last one to join it. He wasn't entirely sure whether KING would be right for him. I am really not much of a salesman as I don't believe in pushing KING on those with doubts. In some cases, I even advise them against KING. But I let Dave decide it on his own without rushing him. He understood that one has to take chances in order to succeed, he understood that it is all about taking up the challenge. He made a strong commitment to succeed and he did it! I recall that he contacted me soon after getting the KING materials to tell me that he had already done his homework. And during the mentoring session he sounded like he was happy with his progress and he even posted something to this effect on our forum. 

"My trading is going well and I am taking to the Ninja charts for King really well." - David

What Dave's story should tell you is that as long as you are confident enough to leave your comfort zone and committed enough to master KING, everything is possible. And why do you think I list commitment and self-confidence at the top of things you need to possess in order to succeed at day trading? Other than to discourage the curiosity seekers, that is... 


Quite recently (late May, 2009) I got this email from Dwight who meant it as a post to the KING mentoring forum. However, since this forum is now closed to posting, he sent it to my forum email address. As you can see, Dwight is doing quite well, which is an understatement, in his little Forex thing. More information about this business (trading) opportunity will be available to my KING clients soon, sometime in June. Including the rest of Dwight's post and the link, which I blanked out. 

"Today I was the top trader of 150+ traders who have all been given $1000 accounts of real money. I've been trading their real money in forex (no cost to me whether I win or lose) two days and my account at this moment is worth $2970." - Dwight 

Now, let me tell you a bit about Dwight because he is quite a remarkable man. Dwight first contacted me last October about the time I was about to start my first KING mentoring session. He missed his chance to enroll in that session, but he was so eager to join it that he emailed me a few times just to check if someone did not drop out. He was so eager that he was beginning to freak me out. 

Unfortunately, the first session was overbooked, so even if someone did drop out, I would not be very keen on taking on more students, Dwight or not. However, Dwight managed to get on the second session, even if with a slight delay. His mother in law needed some help rather urgently, in the middle of the winter, somewhere in South Dakota, if I recall it correctly, where temperatures during the wintertime are not as high as in sunny Beverly Hills or Palm Springs, to put it mildly. Dwight, being a good guy that he is and a family man too, thought that his mother in law was more important than the KING mentoring session. And let's be totally honest here guys, how many of you would sacrifice the KING mentoring session for your mother in law? Even just the beginning of it? Yes, yes, I hear you. I too think that Dwight's mother in law must be one special mother in law.

And despite missing the beginning of the session, Dwight progressed very quickly with his KING education and was quite enthusiastic about it, judging by his posts on our forum. In the forum photo section, he even posted a screenshot of his first attempt at trading KING. On a simulator, of course. You can see it right below.

Dwight's first KING attempt

And here is the punch line: Dwight is 59 years old or at least he was 58 years old when he contacted me last October (2008) and he mentioned it in his first email. He is 59 years old, yet he can easily put to shame men 30 years his junior when it comes to competitive attitude. 

It's a real pleasure to have a student so full of zest for success, so resourceful and driven as Dwight. Dwight embodies the true American spirit, something that America has always been known for. It's good to know that this spirit still lives on... 

So are you ready to be the next KING success story? Are you ready for a really exciting challenge? If not, don't even bother. We don't need no wusses among KING traders!


And just last week, ending June 20th, I received an email from Mark, yet another KING student, a very new one, who was about to complete his first week trading KING on a NinjaTrader simulator. With very good results, as he was kind to tell me. That's certainly very inspiring, particularly that he had spent only a few days learning KING before he started trading on a simulator. And he accomplished that without asking me a single question. Well, except for one rather trivial, "what is PS?" That's one more evidence that success, even very fast success, with KING is definitely possible. And what this also suggests is that even those who did not participate in the KING mentoring sessions can enjoy a brisk pace of mastering KING trading ideas. But, I have always believed that, anyway. Mark struck me as a person very eager to learn new things and quite confident in his abilities, which also explains the very few questions he asked prior to ordering KING and after. People like that tend to do well with KING, and probably not only with KING. But that does not exclude others at all, because as long as they stay truly committed to learning and keep practicing, they can succeed too. I say this based on my already pretty extensive experience with many students. 


And here is yet another testimonial, this time from a European, a Belgian named Johan. Now remember, that's Johan's first day with KING, and so the main reason I asked him to allow me to quote his email is that I too believe that KING can be fun. I have believed it for quite a while and now I can quote someone who agrees with me. Nice, isn't it? I hope that Johan will continue his fun with KING and that one day he will challenge Dick of the Netherlands, the current reigning king of KING for the continental Europe. This would certainly be a nice neighborly competition. Just make sure, fellows, that you don't blow up the shaky European Union in the process because I really don't want to be responsible for that in any way. Now, there is very little overlapping between the way KING uses the CCI and the way Woodie, who made this indicator so popular, does, but I can imagine that Woodie's students could appreciate what KING has to offer. 

"Sorry to disturb you again, but I already need to say....this is really fun." - Johan  

Today, July 31st 2009, I got yet another email from Johan telling me how he is enjoying his trading with KING. I will not quote it here because that's not the point. And I did not ask Johan's permission to do so. The point is that it is still possible to make a fast progress even though KING now contains more documents. That's because the basics of KING are still the same, the same as the basics that PP, whose great progress prompted me to start this section, was exposed to. And even if more stuff will still be coming to KING, this will not change its foundations, but will only make them stronger. This will mostly be some review documents. I am working on two of them right now to be released at some point in August. Also, now it may be even easier to learn KING than it was for PP and his class from the first mentoring session and that is because of custom made NinjaTrader indicators. That's what Johan is using too. And remember Mark? Another of the new KING students whom I mentioned above. He had a great start too, also with NinjaTrader indicators, which seems to prove my point quite well. 


And yet another one, a very kind email from Adam. I am glad that he mentions "working hard." While it's true that some of KING students succeeded remarkably fast, which may give the impression that little work was involved, as you can see, some are succeeding the old-fashioned way. But he also says that he did not expect to make such a fast progress. So it looks like working hard is the reason for that. Who would have thought? Incidentally, while Adam graciously acknowledges my support, he really did not need it much. He gives me way too much credit than I think I earned, which is certainly nice of him, but if I am to be honest I only recall that he needed some basic help with Sierra Chart templates when he was starting and that was months ago. Since Adam definitely knows what it takes to succeed, I am quite positive that his success will continue. 

"It was like I finally arrived and that made me work really hard. I think it also saved me hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars in extra expenses that I was considering to master day trading." - Adam 

Well, Adam has done it again. See this email. I am really very happy for him. I am sure that he will reach his goal of $300 a day and I am rooting for him big time. Sometimes, all it takes is a desire strong enough. He's got it. He is right about KING's price too. I am not a greedy person, but I am not stupid either and that's why the price of KING keeps rising. 

Frankly, I did not find Adam's last email particularly long-winded, if at all. One of my very accomplished KING students, whose testimonial is also featured here, can sometimes be even more long-winded, but I don't take it as something negative. On the contrary, I think this can be viewed as positive. One can interpret it as being attentive to detail, which I consider a good thing for it can be helpful in your learning. John, another of highly accomplished KING students, while far from being long-winded, once impressed me greatly with his ability to pay attention to detail. Adam seems to be like that too, so I am not surprised that he is doing so well. Now, as we all know, in some cases, being long-winded can only be interpreted as being long-winded, but that's another story and not Adam's case at all.

"I am no genius... if I could master it, so should many others. " - Adam 


Here is yet another one. From Steven, who has been trading for a while, although with mixed results. I believe he will be doing better now and his first day was very good indeed. And his first day was the day after he had bought KING. See, some people do get it really fast. I did not lie about it one bit. It was like that before and it still is. Obviously, some people will take longer to experience what Steven experienced on his first day with KING.

"Thanks again, I needed this shot in the arm. I have been rather depressed after losing 50% of my account over the last year and half. " - Steven   

Adam (again)

Guess what? I heard from Adam again! It's very nice of him that he did not forget to let me know about it. I did remember his promise. Did I believe he would reach his goal? Well, I was pretty sure he would and so I am not very surprised that he did. I knew how committed he was. If he did not, I would be more surprised. Seriously. Still, congratulations are in order. Once you start being consistently profitable at the level of $100 a day, taking it to $200 and then $300 a day is usually a matter of time. If you really want to. Some people are just happy with $200, but if you have a family and no job, like Adam, you may be more motivated. But hey, even making $100 a day is a success. And you really don't need more than 1-2 contracts to reach that goal. In fact, that can be enough even for $200 a day. In the Thanksgiving week I also heard from Dwight whose advice in some matter I sought. Dwight is definitely going places. I am not sure I can tell you more about it, but I think I am allowed to say that he seems as upbeat about his trading career and motivated to reach his goals as ever before. 

"I am very proud of this result. When I was starting several months back I did not know where it would take me, but I was determined to succeed" - Adam   


I don't post here every time I hear some good, inspiring news regarding KING. I am a bit more choosy now. After all, it has been a year since KING was offered to the public and I think that only severely challenged people still need a lot of convincing that KING ideas work. For instance, not long ago I heard from someone who had a nice start in oil emini futures, which he finds easier to trade than YM or ES, the favorite instruments among KING traders. But when I do post here, I like to make a point or two. Just recently I heard from Daniel who lives in Asia and follows US futures markets at night. He says he works 12 hours during the day; you can't help but admire the guy. He started very well too, he had 4 winning days in a row straight from day one and then yet another one bringing it to the 5 winning days in a row. In doing so, he pretty much confirmed that the long streaks of my good daily results (see the section of "I can do it too!") are hardly an exception when it comes to KING. And that's one point I would like to make in connection with his email. Now, notice how cautious he sounds in his first email when it comes to his long term success with KING. Yes, he is right in that he still needs some time and much more practice to build his confidence before he goes live. I have no doubt about it, but I think that he needs only a few weeks rather than a few months and as you can see from his second email he thinks he is getting the hang of it already. Merely a week after he started. The point I want to make here is that even someone as cautious as Daniel, and even those a bit skeptical, can too have good results with KING as long as they are willing to take KING seriously and apply themselves in earnest. That's what Daniel did and the 5 winning days in a row are, I believe, a good testimony to what I am trying to convey here. Plus, Daniel's example is hardly the only one I have to corroborate my point. But there is still more. One more point to make. Do you know how long he studied KING before he embarked on his 5 day winning streak? Only 2-3 days! Yes, it is possible to get a very good grasp of KING basics in a few days only. I thought I would mention it because I often get asked this question. The answer is it is possible to do it very fast, but it would be rather irresponsible of me to imply that everyone does it that fast. Some people will take longer, but Daniel's case is definitely not an exception either. It took me several months to become good at this business and then many years to realize how badly I sucked during my first months when I already thought I was good at it. With KING you don't have to take years to realize that. You should certainly be able to see the difference in your trading after a few weeks or months only. Yes, I am perfectly aware that there are "vendors" out there who insinuate that you can become a trader in a week or so. Some of them are even so generous as to throw in a guarantee that you will make at least a point a day. (Say what you want about Bernie Madoff, but even he was not offering any guarantees.) They like to call themselves "trading gurus," somewhat pretentious a title for someone who really is a glorified con artist. You can have all their advice for only a few grand. Wanna give it a try?  Or perhaps you'd rather approach it the way Daniel has. Without falling for empty promises, but relying instead on building one's skills and confidence through old-fashioned practice using sound techniques that have been proven to work time and again. Which way do you think will pay off better?

"I have traded KING on SIM for 4 days now and so far it has been good, obviously i'm up on all days." - Daniel 

Mark (another)

And here is yet another one, coming just before Christmas 2009. From Mark. I am really happy to learn that Mark is doing so well with KING. And I love his stationery! Mark is retired, which shows that even older folks can do well with KING. It may take them longer than others before they start seeing the fruits of their efforts, but being retired does not mean you are retarded. Some retired folks may still enjoy another fulfilling career. I think we tend to underestimate how capable retirees can be. Of course, emini day trading is not for everyone, but if you do love a good challenge, have some spare money and a bit of time, and are willing to learn, day trading eminis can well be a rewarding second career for you.

"[...] with KING I saw this tremendous potential right away and that kept me going until I finally started making money day in day out." - Mark


I haven't had much time to tend to this section over the last few months. I have been very busy with KING and its growing base of clients. But I do keep receiving email about success or progress with KING. Here is some from Fritz who also sent me this email before. I am happy to know that Fritz is making money with KING. I have also heard from some old-timers, Kathy and Dick, and a few others, including two Marks, one of whom was kind enough to send me two screenshots showing his improving performance. I hope to find some more time to return to these emails, but I think that other things are more important now, in particular a set of videos that I am working on these days. They will be coming soon, this April or May, at the latest. 

"I am a small trader, consistently profitable... but small, just 1-2 contracts per position. I never thought I would make more than $1500 a month with my methods and those two contracts and never did. Until now..."  - Fritz

Mark (yet another)

And here is one more pretty recent testimonial, from one of Marks mentioned earlier. I received several emails from this Mark telling me about his progress and other things related to KING  and here is one of them. A couple of them included screenshots of his recent performance, one of which you can see below. Mark strikes me as a person very much committed to his day trading success, so I am not surprised one bit that he is making progress as you can find out from his email and the screenshot that follows. It's always a pleasure to have students like Mark and I consider it a blessing that the majority of them are like that. Though I say so in more than one place on these pages, let me still mention it again: all I can give you is my ideas (and my support), but it's up to you to own them. Mark and many of my students do understand it, but there are many wannabe traders out there who think that if they throw thousands of dollars at the problem, if they buy into any promise out there no matter how outlandish and into every guarantee no matter how phony, they will get there faster and easier. Unfortunately, the truth is that this is simply terribly misguided wishful thinking. About the only thing this approach guarantees is that someone for sure will be laughing all the way to the bank. And it won't be you.

"I tend be up $100+ with only 5-7 trades with 1 contract before lunch."  - Mark

Mark's Performance Sample

90% of winners... Not bad, not bad at all. 


This e-mail letter came from Kevin who is one of my bigger size clients. I am really thrilled by Kevin's result. I have heard from another KING trader a while back who made over $3000 a day, but I was not sure how much of it could have been honestly attributed to KING, so I did not bring this up here. 

"This past week I had my best day ever: $6570 plus some pennies. I don't think this would have ever been possible without KING ..."  - Kevin

To address what Kevin alludes to in his e-mail, I don't think I ever implied that KING might not be useful for those who can afford to trade a bigger size. It's just that KING is about the only affordable thing for those with smaller budgets who do not believe in spending thousands of dollars for their e-mini trading education. People like that are also more likely to trade just 1-3 contracts per position than 10 or 20. I myself am very used to trading smaller sizes, but every now and then, I do increase my position to 6-8 contracts, but rarely ever over 10. This way works fine for me, and even if my account could withstand trading 10-20 contracts, I would be risking too much to feel comfortable about it. But if Kevin and others can do it, that's great. I hope they are doing it safely, though.


Well, I have been pretty busy with KING and other things lately, and so haven't had much time for updating this part of KING's section, but nevertheless the testimonials of KING's usefulness do keep pouring in. Here is a small series of them from one of the newest KING students, Keven who lives in the UK, who bought KING only in late October 2010. I have quite a few clients in the UK, the second largest KING community is in this country.

As you can see from this screenshot, he started making progress within literally a week or so after getting KING, and I should add that his start was a bit delayed by the fact that he could not use the the out-of-the-box NinjaTrader or Sierra Chart templates, and that's because he uses Tradestation for his trading. His excellent progress continued, as nicely evidenced by his two other emails that he was kind enough to send me: see here and here. The results quoted in his e-mails involve 5 or 6 contracts per position. And then he also updated me just before the New Year of 2011. As you can see from that last email of his, he has won 6 our of six times when using KING, or each time he had a chance to use it. Not bad at all...

"T10 W9  L1 B/e 0  Net$ 870 (on 6 contract basis YM) (...)"  - Keven  


Now, that's still not all, but it has become a bit of tradition that I update this section after I have taken care of other things first. And, frankly, how many more testimonials do you still need? I keep getting those almost every month, but these days I try to go for quality and if this can be matched by quantity, that's even better. That's the case with emails from Rik that I would like to present here. Rik is one of KING's more talented and dedicated students. He is also very kind and generous a man who helped me with my KING business in more than one way and also contributed some material to KING, and so if you become its owner, you will get to enjoy Rik's nice contribution. He is an IT director in a large company in a major US state. Rik sent me his first e-mail shortly after purchasing his copy of KING. He took part in the December 2010 KING mentoring session from which comes this report of his on the Yahoo board where the session took place. Yes, I hide quite a bit of text in this shot as it contains information only KING clients can be privy to. And then shortly after the session, I received yet another e-mail from him, in which he reports his continued trading success: 34 winners and only 5 losers!

"Speaking of winners and losers, since going live with TradeStation KING, I've had 34 winners and 5 losers."  - Rik 


Nick is another of successful KING traders. He sent me an e-mail about his success with KING while replying to one of KING Updates that I send out to KING owners from time to time. I was amazed to find out that he discovered as many as 13 good trading ideas. It's true that KING contains quite a few of those ideas, but I have never counted them. Still, even 6-7 is pretty good already. Parts of his email are blanked out in places with information that is either too personal or too revealing about KING ideas.

"I have to tell you that I have found 13 tradable ideas in King."  - Nick 

None of the above testimonials was solicited. I only asked for the permission to use them.

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