KING - Truth versus lies

Let me demonstrate what I mean by truth first. I will do this by showing you two fragments of two e-mails that I have received quite recently from one of KING students. He is a very new student, he had bought KING only about 2 weeks prior to sending me these e-mails. The second e-mail came in response to my answering the questions he asked in the first one.

Here they are, the relevant fragments of his first e-mail and the second one.

And here is what I mean by truth.

1. The e-mails were written by him and not fabricated by me. I can easily prove it in any court of law. This person exists and he wrote the e-mails in question.

2. His opinion of KING is based on his good knowledge of KING and on putting it to the test, and not on some hearsay or other second hand sources of information.

Let me add one point here, which I also stressed in my reply to him as you can see it here, and which is certainly worth re-iterating one more time.

If you enjoy learning, you have no reason to fear KING or trading in general. You will probably enjoy it as much as he did. More importantly, if you enjoy learning, you have nothing to fear in life; hence your outlook on life is likely to be more optimistic too.

I have been an autodidact (a self-learner) all my life. I can learn many things on my own as long as I am truly interested in them or need them for something. Trading is just one of these things.

Success is a matter of the right attitude more than many probably suspect. The foundation of this attitude is the willingness to learn. Bill Gates, the wealthiest man in the world examplifies this the best. He taught himself how to program computers as a teenager. The rest is history ...

The opposite is also true, even though saying so may sound quite banal: people who do not appreciate learning, who have poor learning skills, or simply are too lazy to learn, will never make it as traders. I have met such too.

Now, let's turn to the lies. I will give you a very good example of one. A very blatant, malicious lie, if ever was one. I have been meaning to talk about it for a while and one of these days I will.

Stay tuned for more then.

Posted on February 28th, 2015.