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This e-mini trading system collection is only $400, which is the same as the price of its best system, George IV. However, temporarily it is only $200 (to help the victims of war in Ukraine).You can get this colelction free with your purchase of KING.

This is a collection of e-mini futures day trading systems that I have been offering over the last several years on this site. The systems were designed to work mainly for ES, the e-mini futures contract of S&P 500, but some proved to work well for other markets as well, such as YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures, or TF, the Russell 2000 e-mini futures. I decided to dust them off because I believe there is still some value in them. They used to work quite well for a while, some even for a longer while (years, in fact), some for a few good months.

Those that fall into the former category include George IV and George II, and that's why I still offer them here separately, though at this point I no longer track the performance of George II systematically, but in 2014 resumed doing so for George IV as you can see here and continue it through 2015. I was doing it for this system for many months in a row (about 2 years, in fact), but stopped it at some point largely due to being busy with my main trading bestseller, KING, a discretionary e-mini futures day trading methodology. The systems in the latter category, that did not last that long, are George III and George I. These two systems are of the counter-trend variety, while George II and George IV are the trend following systems.

I think that the trend following systems tend to do better overall, though at times of reduced volatility, the systems that seek profits via counter-trend measures can do well too. George I and George III were launched at the time when the counter-trend systems were doing pretty well, but once volatility spiked (in 2007-2008), using the trend following systems made more sense. George IV was launched in late 2007, and George II was reactivated during those volatile months to showcase its potential.

George IV comes with a bonus trading strategy that I refer to as Georgette II. It's a strategy that some charge thousands of dollars for (including other things, such as training, trading room, etc.). You are getting it free with the purchase of the collection and more bonuses of this nature may follow in future.

I started this collection with a very low promotional price of only $150, which was the same as the price of George IV. A few momths later, the price of the collection is still the same as the price of George IV, and as long as this is the case, those buying George IV will actually download this collection. That's one and the same thing, albeit for a limited time only. Eventually, these two things will decouple and so will their prices.

The other systems (George I and George III) retailed for over $100 each and I sold many copies of them, especially of George III, which was quite a steal at a bit over $100. However, among the systems included in the collection, George IV is the definite best-seller, the second best-selling product ever offered on this site, after KING. There is good reason for that. This is a very sound system as you can see from its pages. I even recently revived this system a bit by adding a new major section where I also report on its more recent performance from a more discretionary point of view, and in 2014 I resumed tracking its mechanical performance, limited to its basic strategy. The older, strictly mechanical, performance spanning about 2 years was quite good as you can see from the equity curve for ES, the S&P 500 e-mini futures market, reproduced below.

George IV's equity curve for ES

You can learn more about George IV and George II on their pages (see the links). George I and George III used to have similar pages with many months of results posted on them, but since I no longer offer those systems separately, their pages are no longer on this site. I may restore them in future, but the results in question are also included in the files you will receive with your purchase of this system collection.

At this point, I no longer track the performance of the systems that comprise the collection, except for George IV, so they can only serve as an inspiration (in the form of trading ideas that used to work and still may) for discretionary trading. In fact, some of the ideas these systems are based on (especially in George I and George IV) are used in KING, the main product I still offer on this site, which is a comprehensive e-mini futures day trading course based on a discretionary trading methodology of the same name. This collection of systems is thus intended primarily for educational purposes and since it is in a digital format (once you have downloaded it, you technically own it forever), its purchase is not refundable.

Here is what the whole package contains:

1. systems descriptions,

2. trade spreadsheets,

3. several pictures showing the systems in action,

4. chart templates to be used with the systems,

5. right to my email support if needed,

6. right to free upgrades,

7. bonus in the form of access to an e-mini trading forum,

8. bonus in the form of a highly priced trading strategy.

I chose to call this collection of e-mini futures day trading systems George Collection as all the systems in it are from the George family of mechanical trading systems.

Those who bought George IV before December 30th, 2013, will obtain all the other systems free at some later time, probably at the time they are admitted to the e-mini futures trading forum when it is open to the general public. Those who bought KING along with George IV have already received their copy of this collection.

Price: $400 (to help the victims of war in Ukraine only $200).

Any questions? Please let me know. Put "George Collection" in the subject of your message.

You can order this product here. You will be able to download it right after you paid via Paypal, even if it's 3 A.M.