KING - Sierra Chart indicators

The custom designed KING indicators for Sierra Chart have been released in October, 2010. They have been thoroughly tested to work with Version 683 of Sierra Chart (most recent as of March 13, 2011), but newer versions (1200 and above) were tested as well and should be fine too. They used to cost $75, but now they are freely available to those who have purchased KING - Basic Formula first. Other KING owners can still purchase them for $75 via Paypal. A number of pictures showing some features of KING indicators for this platform are presented below. Most details, of course, are hidden.

What follows is a few screenshots showing the custom designed KING indicators on the beautiful charts of Sierra Chart.

Figure 1.

Figure 2.

Figure 3.

The green dots in these screenshots indicate the entries known affectionately as Pure Evil as they tend to deliver quite a punch. The yellow dots indicate the entries of supertrades, another class of KING trades, that can frequently be profitably exploited in pullbacks in a trending market. The arrows point to basic KING entries of the perfect kind. The blue and red bars show the bars that are likely to trend (those without arrows are generated by the basic entry that is not perfect) and as you can see there are pretty long sequences of blue/red bars.

The colored bars (red, blue) that you see featured in all the screenshots and some signals (yellow and green dots) that KING generates, also shown in the screenshots, are only a part of the story. There is also a bunch of indicators that you don't see in the screenshots that help you make more sophisticated trading decisions, but even if you were to judge KING by the color bars and the dots, you would have to admit that it's pretty much on the money. However, it is only with the indicators and the ways KING uses them that the whole power of KING is manifested. Of course, when you buy KING, you get to know the whole story.

What follows is a little gallery of several more screenshots of fabulous Sierra Chart charts that feature some of the KING indicators, same as above, to be precise. I plan on adding to this gallery from time to time.

YM Sample

1/03/11 - 1/04/11 - 1/05/11 - 1/06/11 - 1/07/11

Notice how easy it can be to make money with the blue or red bars with arrows. Now, that should tell you that KING ideas hardly boil down to some random potpourri of indicators. Yes, there is some thought behind that, believe me or not. Well, perhaps you will find it easier to believe PRH, who says:

"I really like the new indicators, they are a nice plus to alert you to movements that sometimes I don't see, almost like a heads up display." - PRH

The indicators are very similar to the custom designed indicators for NinjaTrader, except that even a tad more cooler in some respects, so if you would like to see more pictures showing them in action, check out also the page for NinjaTrader indicators.