KING - TradeStation indicators

The indicators for TradeStation have been released on November 15th, 2012. They are only $50 paid via Paypal, but they are available only to those who have purchased KING first. Several pictures showing some features of indicators for this platform are presented below. Most details are hidden, though, and privy only to the KING owners.

This page presents 3 screenshots of TradeStation charts taken in the last quarter of 2012. They show some elements of what you will see on the full-fledged KING charts for this platform. The charts shown are 1-minute charts of the EUR/USD currency pair. As you can see, KING patterns looks great on the Forex charts as well. You may compare them to those on the Multicharts charts that feature the Dow Jones futures contract (YM).

Figure 1.

Figure 2.

Figure 3.

The TradeStation colored bars (red, blue, yellow, pink) and arrows (red and blue) that you see featured in all the screenshots and that KING generates are only a part of the story. There is also a bunch of indicators that you don't see in the screenshots that help you make more sophisticated trading decisions, but even if you were to judge KING by the color bars and the dots, you would have to admit that it's pretty much on the money. However, it is only with the indicators and the ways KING uses them that the whole power of KING is manifested. Of course, when you buy KING, you get to know the whole story.