KING - Indicators

Custom KING indicators for NinjaTrader 8 have just been released. Custom KING indicators for other platforms (TradeStation and MultiCharts) can also be purchased. The custom indicators for Sierra Chart are temporarily unavailable, but you get standard (native to Sierra Chart) indicators for this platform free with your purchase of KING - Basic Formula.

KING uses no magic indicators. That's because there are no magic indicators despite some vendors' claims to the contrary.

The indicators KING uses are standard, but the ways it uses them may not be and often they certainly are not. It is really how you use your indicators that makes all the difference and not what kind of indicators you use. KING indicators are sound for they emphasize things you should pay attention to if you want to make money day trading emini futures or other markets.

KING was originally developed for the Sierra Chart platform, so when you buy KING, you will obtain templates with KING indicators for Sierra Chart.

There are templates for Version 300 and lower of Sierra Chart (the original ones) and then there also templates for higher (more current) versions of Sierra Chart (the new templates) because the original templates do not work on older versions of Sierra Chart. All these templates are very much standard and use only standard indicators supplied by the platform. They are also free!

But as of October 2010, there are also custom designed indicators with some cooler features that cannot be rendered without custom programming. These custom designed indicators are only $100 for those who have purchased KING - Basic Formula. They are temporarily (late 2022) unvailable, but will be coming back soon.

You will also be able to obtain a nice set of custom designed indicators for NinjaTrader 8. Since NinjaTrader 8 is free for charting and analysis, this may mean savings down the road if you choose to stick to this charting software. They are only $100 ($200 in 2023) per set.

As of March 20th, 2012, we also provide custom designed KING indicators for MultiCharts. They are for the original version of this platform (not the one based on C#). They are now only $100 per set.

On November 15th, 2012, custom designed KING indicators for TradeStation have become available and they are now only $100 per set.

The custom designed indicators for MultiCharts, NinjaTrader, Sierra Chart, or TradeStation are also great for educational purposes and should help you master KING faster.

Since the KING indicators are fully disclosed, you can also use them with your charting software of choice. There should be no problem with that when it comes to Amibroker or Ensign, for instance, although perhaps a bit of basic programming may be required, but really rather little, if at all.

You cannot purchase KING indicators without purchasing KING first.