George IV - Some results of this e-mini futures trading system in 2013

I may start tracking this system more methodically in 2014, but I will most likely limit it to one strategy only, the original strategy. That is, the strategy that I originally intended for this system. As it is, the system is based on two strategies, but one of them requires a momentum early during the daily session that starts at 9:30 EST. The original strategy does not, which also makes it easier to follow and in many cases, the signal this strategy generates practically jumps out at you from the chart by merely glancing at it.

Such were the signals I commented on in 2013 on my blog that is located at I recall these comments below via links to the posts on the blog that address the performance of George IV this year, the year that is about to end.

1. 1/03/13

2. 2/01/13

3. 10/10/13

4. 10/23/13

5. 11/06/13

6. 12/03/13

The account these posts provide is not systematic, so it is likely to be biased, probably in the system favor. If you want a systematic account of the past system performance, check out about two years of it in the trading results or notices sections.

Posted on December 4th, 2013.