George IV - Notices

The following notices focus now largely on the strictly mechanical performance of this trading system. In the past (2007-2009 and even a bit of 2014) they would also discuss additional trading opportunities offered by the framework employed by George IV, although some of the more spectacular purely mechanical trades this system generates were reported here from time to time as well just to keep you better informed about the system performance.

Some notation used in the notices is as follows: SMA - shorter term moving average used by the system, LMA - longer term moving average used by the system, P - as mentioned in the system description available to those who purchased it. You also need to adjust the length of the trading session accordingly as used by the system to see things exactly the way I do.

You will also find here information about recent updates of the system, so please check this section frequently. The updates were sent by email, pretty much every month when the system was in active use in a fully mechanical manner. They may still be sent out from time to time, though less frequently then in the years 2007-2009. If you did not receive your update, please always check your bulk folder before asking me for another copy.

The notices were started after the system release in late November 2007 and were run for about 2 years, that is, as long as the system performance was tracked on a purely mechanical, objective basis. They were restarted in 2014. Choose the year you are interested in below.

  (8/11/09) : An update of the system, with the most current results and one modification was sent out to all who own the system yesterday.

  (1/06/14) : Restarting the notices to track the system performance limited to one of its entries, the basic entry.