George IV - Testimonials

Let me be totally honest with you: I am not a big fan of testimonials. Most of them are fake, anyway, and the more of them you see packed on a single web page, the more fake they are.

Some marketers have dozens of them. I don't, but since some people treat them as an independent opinion, which they may or may not be, I decided to showcase here just a handful of those I have received from my clients. As long as the testimonials do not contradict the product quality, I don't think I will be pulling anybody's leg with them, even if you, my dear visitor, may choose not to believe them.

And I don't think there is any contradiction between the system quality and what these testimonials say, although I am well aware that I am biased and that it is impossible to please everyone. Not to mention that some people have no clue what they are talking about or what to expect from a trading system. I once got an angry email from a guy who just bought this system, who had not read even through the first few pages of the manual and yet declared the whole thing an utter nonsense. You know what? He sent me that email on a day the system scored about 13 points in ES. I am not making this up! I have never been more vindicated in my conviction that this is a very good system than I was that day. Not to mention that I found the whole thing funny too.

Look, this system packs over 70% of winners in the 5-6 point target category as of the last update from October 6, 2008. These are nice, hefty scalps... And as of this time, the system has had 9 winners out of the last 10 trades in the same target category. Who can really complain about something like that.

So, to cut a long story short, here are some unsolicited testimonials. I only asked the clients who sent them to me for their permission to publish them and they all kindly agreed.

The first one is from Aaron who mentions that he enjoys George IV in an email inquiring about George II, which he subsequently bought. I suppose he is a beginning trader, so, as you clearly see, even a beginner can like this system.

"I've been happily using George IV since starting in August trading YM! Thank you, and especially thanks for including the NinjaTrader template in the Pack! It makes everything so much easier!"

Another one is from John, an experienced trader, who sends me email from time to time. I like John's personality, he seems to be a very upbeat, exuberant fellow and I am sure that this helps him in trading and in life, in general.

"First of all, thanks again for yet another update of George IV. This breakout of the [...] seems to rock. Very clever, very useful. I am going to incorporate it for my trading. I keep studying George IV and the ideas you add to it all the time and I find that this helps me in my trading a lot. This is such a simple system, yet it has a much greater potential."

Then there is one from Katherine, who has developed into a stellar trader under my coaching wing. Yes, she is now rocking, baby. Just check out these results. Well, I don't think I need to comment on those or why Katherine likes my trading ideas. Hint: like, because they work, which she has proven to herself on many occasions.

"... I do like that you provide concrete objective results to show that the system works. That is not always the case even with much more expensive things. I think that's what attracted me to George IV in the first place and I do appreciate your integrity, but now I think that it's what George IV offers as a strategy that I like about it most."  

Yet another testimonial came from Bill, who has been doing pretty well with this system and as of the first days of October 2008, he's been up well over 7000 dollars, trading with two ES contracts only. His goal was to average about $500 a month and so far, over 7 months later, he is very much on target with his goal. Yes, very much... Bill trades casually, meaning, this is not his major occupation, but a very part time thing. And it virtually takes no time to do it. Maybe 5 minutes per trade, if you trade it in an automated way via NinjaTrader or Zeroline Trader. Over the last 10 trades he has averaged over $200 per trade. Not a bad hourly rate, if you ask me.

"I hope to average $500 a month with this system and so far I am well ahead of my goal. That's a good feeling for sure. June started very well for my strategy and I hope the second half of the year is going to be at least as good as the first one." 

And finally, I just got a testimonial from one of my very first clients, a man whom I highly respect, who also bought my other emini systems. His name is Rob and he is a very good trader.

"I bought George IV many months ago, soon after you had released it. I studied it for a few months and got a few good ideas from it that I implemented in a discretionary way, but it was not until this April that I decided to pull the trigger. That was right after 2 consecutive losses in ES. Well, the rest as you probably know is history. I am now up 24 points and a few grand richer." 

Yes, I have a few more testimonials like that, but I think that would be enough. I am also sure that there are people who don't like this system if only because they need to learn it. 

No, it's not as simple as trading the breakout of the .... .... range, which some enterprising fellow from the Windy City has been selling for many years, at some point for as much as $975 in the days when the US dollar was a mighty currency, with no objective results to show for, although plenty of them to show in hindsight. But you know what? I don't care. I am willing to help anyone who wants to learn and understand it. And you cannot argue with that 70% winning rate or with 70-80% of trades being self-evident once you master the very basics of the system.

Ultimately, it's your choice. You either buy a system from which you will learn something of value that may help you to make money with a 70% winning rate or you will buy something that has never been proven to make any money, salesmen legends notwithstanding.