George IV - Bonus

"Thanks for all your updates and the Georgetta bonus. Again, it's only fair to say that usually you don't get that much for a mere 175 bucks. And to think that this has already made me thousands of dollars..." - Bill

This free bonus, Georgette II, contains a popular trading method, and is available as a part of the George IV package.

One website markets this method for $7,500! Another one for about $1,300. You will obtain it at no extra charge with your purchase of George IV, which is $500, and so much less expensive than either of these products.

The method is not new. It has been around for years and the website that sells it for $7,500 has made it particularly popular. The other site basically used a free version of the method once available on the Internet and hyped it up as the greatest thing since sliced bread and the crowning 4 year achievement of its developer, one shrewd former broker. Her only achievement turned out to be a few anecdotes, not even original ...

It's this once freely available version preserved by me along with some additional comments by yours truly that you will find in the Georgette II folder supplied with the system.

The method is best used when George IV can not be employed, which means when the market is not likely to trend well. Or you can also use it to re-enter a strong trend identified by the system.

Please note that this bonus, Georgette II, is not related to George II in any way. The latter is an objective mechanical system and not a discretionary trading strategy.